Spraying process of aluminum board surface


When the aluminum board material is processed, the process technology of its appearance mainly adopts the multi-layer spraying method..acm panels

ACM panels
The aluminum board multi-layer spraying process will be relatively stable, and it will also have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and weather resistance in the appearance quality. At the same time, it can effectively prolong its use time and make better use of aluminum board The role of materials.

From the point of view of the production process, the main steps of the multi-layer spraying process are: first, the primer coating of the aluminum-plastic panel, then the top coat coating, then the overcoat coating treatment, and finally the corresponding appearance. Treatment of curing effect.

Undercoating of aluminum board

The primer coating is a primer-decorated. This layer is used as an internal decoration process, mainly to improve the penetration resistance of the coating during further finishing. The first layer of protection is provided by effective undercoating.

In this way, the surface effect of the material can be stabilized, and the further coating effect has good uniformity, and the adhesion effect of the topcoat material and the metal plate can be improved.

Finish the paint

The second step is to finish the paint. The topcoat coating is sprayed on the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel in corresponding colors, which is an important step when decorating. The top coat is applied directly on the surface and is operated according to the design requirements.

ACM materials

The topcoat coating can add effective appearance decoration effects and beautify the aluminum-plastic board material, which means that it is more suitable for the needs of architectural decoration. At the same time, it can prevent the aluminum-plastic board material from directly contacting the outside air, so that it is not affected by acid rain and pollutants, and delay the aging rate of the material. Generally, the thickness of the topcoat is controlled at about 20-30 microns. Specific further post-processing can be done as needed.

Apply a varnish coating

The third step of spraying the aluminum-plastic panel is to apply a varnish coating. Varnish coating, also known as varnish coating. The reason for the varnish treatment is mainly to increase the resistance of the coating to the external environment, to better protect the integrity of the topcoat coating, to enhance the gloss effect of its surface, and to maintain a bright color. The thickness of the varnish coating is generally about 5-10 microns.

ACM panels

Curing treatment as a consolidation effect

The last step is the curing treatment as a consolidation effect, that is, the further consolidation of the three-layer coating, so that it has a better decorative effect. This step needs to keep the aluminum alloy material in the curing furnace for high temperature consolidation, and the temperature control is as early as 180-250 degrees Celsius. Of course, different aluminum-plastic plate manufacturers will control the temperature and duration according to the different materials and other conditions of their own production.

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