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30% Off Alucoworld Aluminum Composite Panel Limited-time Promotion

Today Alucoworld will bring you a good news, but the good news always starts with the bad news. Since the outbreak of COVID19 last year, people in many countries
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Factors affecting alucobond panel prices

Why Your Alucobond Panels Are Expensive than Other Suppliers?

This question has been mentioned repeatedly. Alucoworld has been asked countless times “why your alucobond panels (Aluminum Composite Panels) are higher than other suppliers”. Interestingly, few questioners can come
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Composite facade cladding material

Architectural Facade Cladding Solutions

Architectural Facade Cladding generally refers to the front part of exterior of a building, also known as exterior cladding. In architecture, the exterior cladding of a building is often
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Characteristics of different kind of composite wall panels

Composite wall panels are panels composed of different materials with different functions.For example roofing with concrete, foam insulation layer and surface waterproof layer of three-in-one plate.Sandwich plate is also
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aluminum composite material suppliers

How to clean ACM board correctly

Anyone who knows ACM or uses ACM knows that ACM composite wall panels are very easy to clean. This is one of the basic features of the ACM board.
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