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In the Aluminium composite boards industry, the quotation is not casually carried out, it has a special calculation formula. There are many reasons for affecting the price of Aluminium composite boards, such as raw materials, labor, machine depreciation, management costs, etc., but the biggest factor affecting the price is raw materials. Firstly,I will talk about the advantages of ACP manufacturers in China. acm panels

1.Raw material

For aluminium composite boards, the materials are aluminum coils and plastics. China has the world's richest aluminum mine, so aluminum products made in China have unique advantages in the international market.

2.Labor costs

China's population ranks second in the world, with one-third of them engaged in industrial production. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing, China has a relatively low labor cost.

3.Electricity, equipment, factory costs

China has the world's largest wind power plant, nuclear power plant, providing the most basic power conditions for industrial production. In addition to its vast territory and relatively strong industrial base, machinery and equipment can be self-sufficient and well maintained.

The above three conditions determine that each piece of Aluminium composite boards produced in China is cheaper than other countries. China has become the world's largest exporter of aluminum-plastic panels.

Excellent  walls can give buildings different styles, whose decoration should pay attention to safety, environmental protection, durability, weather resistance and decoration. The main decoration used for exterior wall are : glass curtain wall, ceramic tile, decorative stone, etc. The former three kinds of decorative materials have various problems:

1.Glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall causes changing images, causing visual fatigue to pedestrians and drivers, easily leading to accidents and causing “light pollution”.

2.Ceramic tile

It consumes large amounts of energy and land resource, and it is unsafe for use.

3.Decorative stone

It is easy to be exposed to external vibration to form bright lines, easy to break, strong oil absorption, poor fire resistance, and difficult construction, high cost, radiation, etc.

1.Focus on manufacturing ACP panels for 16years

Imported sophisticated equipment, standardized production, modern management and storage systems.
Absorb domestic and foreign technology and technology constantly.

2.The quality of our products is guaranteed

The products passed CTC (China Building Materials Certification), CE Attestation of European Union and also SGS certificate,ISO9001, the quality of Alucoworld aluminium composite boards  has conformed to the standard of ASTM-E84, EN13501-1 and BS-476.

3.A variety of serieses and patterns,customized

The product has a wide range of applications, such as indoor and outdoor walls, objects that need to be decorated, and can also be processed into cabinets.
Customized specifications and personalized patterns for customers to ensure quality while also highlighting the excellent effect of your projects.

4.Consummate service system: before-sale,after-sale

Pre-sale: According to the project type and demand, provide professional advice on the pattern of aluminum plastic plate

After-sale: Build files for each customer, if you have any problems on Aluminium composite boards, we can deal with them as soon as possible.

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