White aluminum composite panel

1. A brief introduction about colors of aluminium composite panels:

  • Commonly, suppliers stock more than 50 colors and finishes to choose from for customers. And the color chart shows the standard stock colors.
  • If customers do not see a color that works for their projects, they can ask suppliers to customize the colors for them.

2. Normally, there are white colors as below:

a.Common colors

  • White
  • Ivory white
  • Milk white
  • Dark white


b.High gloss colors

  • High gloss white
  • High gloss ivory white
  • High gloss milk white


c. pearl colors

  • Pearl white
  • Pearl ivory white
  • Pearl milk white

3. Typical uses of white series

  • Signage
  • Interior design- wall panels, cladding etc.
  • Hoarding boards
  • Displays
  • Exhibition stands
  • Point of sale structures
  • Individual lettering & logos
  • Shop fitting
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Machine parts and covers
  • Grilles and screens

4.The characteristics of white aluminum composite panel

  • Super peeling degree. The white aluminum-plastic composite panel adopts a new technology to improve the peeling strength of the most important technical index of the aluminum-plastic composite panel to an excellent state, so that the flatness and weather resistance of the aluminum-plastic composite panel are correspondingly improved.
  •  The material is easy to process. The white aluminum-plastic panel has a weight of only 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake and is easy to handle. Its superior constructionability can be cut and cut with simple woodworking tools. Various shapes such as planing, bending into curved shape and right angle can be used with the designer to make various changes. The installation is simple and quick, and the construction cost is reduced.
  •  Excellent fire performance. The white aluminum-plastic panel is a flame-retardant material PE plastic core material, and the two sides are extremely difficult to burn aluminum layer. Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material that meets the fire resistance requirements of building codes.
  •  Impact resistance. The white aluminum-plastic panel has strong impact resistance, high toughness, no damage to the topcoat, and strong impact resistance. In areas with large wind and sand, there is no damage caused by sand.
  • Super weather resistance.
    The white aluminum-plastic composite panel has unique advantages in terms of weather resistance in PVDF based on KYNAR-500. It does not detract from the beautiful appearance in hot sunlight or cold snow. It will not fade for up to 20 years.
  • Easy to maintain.
    The white aluminum-plastic panel has a significant improvement in pollution resistance. China's urban pollution is more serious. It needs to be maintained and cleaned after several years of use. Because of its self-cleaning property, it only needs to use neutral detergent and water. After cleaning, the plate will be as permanent as new.



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