Exterior aluminum composite panel

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Product Information

▶ Exterior aluminum composite panel

Standard Size 1220*2440mm
Length 6000mm (Max)
Width 2000mm (Max)
Panel Thickness 3mm | 4mm | 5mm | 6mm
Aluminum Skin Thickness 0.2mm | 0.3mm | 0.4mm | 0.5mm
Weight 3mm~3.5KG/m2 | 4mm~5.5KG/m2 |

5mm~7.5KG/m2 | 6mm~9.5KG/m2

Brand Alucoworld

MOQ 500m2

Sample Free Samples

Ship Port Shanghai

Payment Terms T/T, L/C

Production Capability 300,000 SQM/Month

Packaging Details Packed in bulks or wooden box

We can produce all colors on all professional color cards

Technical Parameters

Test Item
Test Method
Test condition
Alkaline resistance ASTM D 1308-02 10 drops of 10%(m/m)NaOH; 23℃, 1hrs No visible color change
Mortar resistance AAMA 2605-2005 7.7.2 Apply mortar to the specimens, expose them at 38℃, 100%RH for 24hrs, then visually check appearance and conduct adhesion test. Appearance: No visible change
Adhesion: 5B
Dry adhesion AAMA 2605-2005 and client's requirements Cut space: 1mm
Tape: Permacel 99
Muriatic acid resistance AAMA 2605-2005 7.7.1 10 drops of 10%(m/m)HCI; 23℃, 15min Appearance: No visible change
Nitric acid resistance AAMA 2605-2005 7.7.3 and ASTM D2244-09a Fill the bottle one half full with the sample for 30min △E*ab=1.3(D65,1°;)
Window cleanser resistance AAMA 2605-2005 7.7.5 Apply 10 drops of window cleaner to the sample and condition at 23℃ for 24 hrs, then visually check appearance and conduct adhesion test Appearance: No visible change
Adhesion: 5B
Detergent resistance AAMA 2605-2005 7.7.4 Immerse the sample into 3%(m/m) solution of detergent at 38℃ for 72 hrs; Cut space: 1mm; Tape: Permacel 99 Appearance: No visible change
Adhesion: 5B
Gloss ASTM D523-08 6°; geometry 24
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363-05 Pencil: Mitsubishi Scratch hardness:H
Impact resistance ASTM D2794-93 and clients requirements Diameter of the punch: 15.9mm
Impact model: Intrusion
Acid resistance ASTM D 1308-02 10 drops of 10% (m/m) CH3COOH; 23℃, 1hrs Appearance: No visible change
Mass per unit area As client's requirement --- 5.72
Shear strength

(Through resistance)

ASTN D732-09 Testing speed:mm/min 26.3MPa
Heat deflection temperature With reference to ASTM D648-07
Method B and client's requirements
Specimen width: 12.39mm
Specimen depth: 4.06mmRate of temperature: 120℃/h
Load : 1.82MPa
Peel strength ASTM D903-98 Separation speed: 152.4mm/min 7.9kN/m
Abrasion resistance ASTM D968-2005e1 method A ----- 129.7L/mil
Bend resistance ASTM D522-93a Method B Diameter: 3.2mm No cracking
Tensile strength ASTM D638-08 Specimen: type
Testing speed: 50mm/min
Tensile yield strength 44.5MPa
Flexural strength ASTM D790-07
Procedure A and client's requirement
Specimen: 127x13.00x4.01mm
Testing speed: 1.7mm/min
Span: 64mm
Flexural modulus 16920MPa
Thermal expansion

coefficient (μm/m.℃)

ASTM D696-08 Ramp 10℃/min from -30℃ to 30℃
Flow rate 50ml/min
Thermal conductivity ASTM C518-02e1 Ambient temperature: 23±2℃
Thickness: 0.4320cm

The company has established a first-class testing center and developed information management subsystems such as quality management, test management, quality inspection, measurement management, physical and chemical analysis management, etc., to meet the requirements of the company's high quality management level.

From high-level leaders to each employee, everyone is always focusing on continuous improvement of quality concept, constructing company' "quality is the core "culture. Putting our promise 100% into practice is always our principle. We do what we have promised, and try to be the best.

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