How to choose acp ceiling?


 How to choose acp ceiling?

Acp ceiling is a special material widely used in home decoration ceilings. It is moisture-resistant and fume-resistant and easy to clean. Acp ceiling is especially suitable for kitchen and bathroom.acp panels

In addition, acp ceiling board has the characteristics of convenient construction, easy modeling, fire prevention and various colors, etc., which is popular with designers and engineers, and it plays an important role in decoration.

So, what are the styles of acp ceilings? How to choose aluminum-plastic panel ceiling? What should you pay attention to when installing aluminum-plastic panel ceilings?

1.The styles of acp ceiling

(1)Low-key light luxury

Light luxury is just a lifestyle that respects the quality of life. It has nothing to do with wealth and status. It represents the pursuit of high quality life details.

Low-key light luxury acp ceiling

(2) Personality style

Create more flexible space in a small space; stylish personality reveals self, flexibility and freshness.

Personalized style

(3) European retro style

European retro style is a kind of continuous, unified content with strong unique style formed by the trend of culture.

European retro style ACP ceiling

(4) Simple modern style                                                                                   

The simple style simplifies the design of elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, but requires a high degree of color and material texture. Therefore, the simple space design is usually very subtle and often achieves good results.

Simple modern style ACP ceiling

2. The selection of aluminum composite panel ceiling

In the selection of aluminum-plastic panel ceilings, it is mainly necessary to consider the specifications and colors, as well as the brand and cost, based on the style and area of the home improvement. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but you must choose the most suitable one to integrate well into the overall decoration style.

After learning about the performance of the acp panel ceiling and the price, we must pay attention to the quality of the aluminum composite panel when choosing.

Here are some tips for purchasing aluminum-plastic panels:

In addition, the keel of the suspended ceiling has two installation methods of light steel keel and wooden keel. The wooden keel is easily deformed by moisture, and the light steel keel has better performance. Therefore, while paying attention to the price of the aluminum-plastic panel ceiling, it is also necessary to understand its use and performance in order to select suitable decoration materials.

3.What issues should you pay attention to when installing aluminum-plastic panel ceilings?

The installation process of the aluminum composite panel ceiling is as follows:

Elastic line→Install the main keel boom→Install the main keel→Install the secondary keel→Install the aluminum strip→Install the aluminum-plastic panel→Install the lamps and vents.


(1) Elastic line

According to the level of the floor elevation, use the ruler vertical vector to the ceiling design elevation, play the keel position line on the top plate, and bounce the ceiling horizontal line on the wall.

(2) Install the main keel boom

After the height line of the ceiling and the position line of the main keel are played, determine the elevation of the lower head of the boom. According to the position of the main keel and the spacing of the hanging, the end of the bolt without bolt wire is fixed under the floor with expansion bolts; 6m for the boom Rebar (8mm flat steel).

(3) Install the main keel

Fit the boom nut, pre-emptive hanging on the main keel, and put the main keel of the assembled hanging piece into the corresponding boom bolt according to the position of the shift line, screw the nut and connect the main keel. Install the connector, pull the wire to adjust the elevation and straight, install the main keel at the opening, set and connect the card.

(4) Install the secondary keel

According to the sub-longer keel line that has been bounced, the keel triangle hanging piece is placed, and the wooden keel is used, and the spacing of the secondary keel is 600mm; according to the main keel spacing specified by the design, the secondary keel is suspended by the triangle pendant. On the keel; when the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended, the secondary keel connector is used to connect the keel while the keel is suspended.

(5) Mounting aluminum strip

The specification of the side aluminum strip is: 25mm*25mm. The elevation of the installation ceiling requires the use of cement nails to fix the edge aluminum strip around the wall.

(6) Install alucoworld aluminum composite panel

When installing the alucoworld ceiling aluminum-plastic composite panel, gently press it along the cuffed part, and then completely snap the two sides of the square plate into the secondary keel, and then push it tightly. It is strictly forbidden to handle the rough handling; and the edge of the aluminum strip is straightened to fix the aluminum plate.

(7) Installation of lamps and vents

According to the ceiling layout plan, the lamps and vents are arranged; while the aluminum-plastic composite panels are installed, holes are opened according to the size of the lamps and vents, and the lamps and vents are installed.

4. ACP ceiling is classified by its surface finish

We make a basic classification of the surface treatments that are common on the market today. Let’s take a look at how Alucoworld professional team classifies the ACP ceiling according to its surface finish:

First is the coating decoration ACP ceiling

A variety of decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminum sheet. Commonly used are fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coatings. Mainly include metallic, plain, pearlescent, fluorescent and other colors. This coating has a decorative effect and is the most common variety on the market.


The second is the oxidized coloring ACP ceiling


ACM materialsThe anodized and timely treated aluminum alloy panel has a unique color such as rose red and bronze. This treatment can have a special decorative effect.



The third is the color printed ACP ceiling.


aluminum composite panelsDifferent patterns are printed on the transfer paper by a state-of-the-art computer to print various imitation natural patterns. Then, various imitation natural patterns are indirectly reproduced on the ACP ceiling by thermal transfer technology. Which can meet the designer’s creativity and the owner’s personalized choice.



Brushed ACP ceiling


 The wire drawing Acp ceiling uses an aluminum alloy panel with a surface brushed finish. Commonly used are gold brushed and silver brushed products, giving people different visual enjoyment.


Finally, the mirror ACP ceiling.


As the picture show, the surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished to make it look like a mirror.


These are some of the most common surface treatment categories for ACP ceiling. These ACP ceiling are visually different, which is very important for many industries. Sometimes the first impression determines a lot of behavior afterwards, especially for the billboards made by ACM board, which directly affects the promotion of advertising.

Which of the above acp ceiling styles do you prefer? Which surface finish of acp ceiling do you want to buy? If you need to customize the aluminum composite panel or have problems on choosing ceiling acp panels, please send an email to [email protected] , we will arrange our specialist to contact you soon!

Since our establishment nearly 20 years ago, Alucoworld has become the leading ACP contractor in the region, covering all of China. There are many ingredients that contribute to the success of Alucoworld, and we will show customers why we are successful.

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