Tips on cleaning acm metal panels.

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Next, I will share the tips on cleaning acm metal panels with everyone, and wish it will be useful to you.

Cleaning the curtain wall ACM metal panel is not only to keep the wall of the building clean and beautiful, but to remove the dirt on the surface of acm metal panels

 which is harmful to the paint, so that to ensure the long-term quality of the paint. The cleaning of the building wall acm metal panels should be carried out from top to bottom with manual or appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not use any corrosive items to scrub the painted surface.

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Since the acm metal panel has excellent property that easy to clean, what should be done before cleaning the acm metal panels? How to clean them?

The cleaning of acm metal panels on the outer wall of the building requires outdoor and high-altitude operations. It is necessary to use vehicles such as hanging baskets, hanging panels, lifting platforms, etc., which is difficult and dangerous to operate.

Operators must undergo strict physical examination, strict training, and strictly abide by the operating specifications and safety regulations to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of the overall cleaning of the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel.

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The following preparations should be made before cleaning the acm metal panel:

1.First check the temperature of the surface of the acm metal panel

The surface temperature is preferably less than 40 degrees. Above 0 degrees, when the surface temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the excessive moisture volatilization is harmful to the surface paint; below 0 degrees, there is ice formation, which is not conducive to the aluminum composite plate. The surface is clean.

2.Choose the appropriate detergent

Be sure to select the detergent, do not use strong alkaline detergent, strong acid detergent corrosive detergent and paint soluble detergent to avoid damage to the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel.

3.Do the experiment

Before cleaning in a large area, it is best to select a small board for testing. After the safety is confirmed, it will be officially started.

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4.According to the wall material and dirtiness of the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel, determine the corresponding cleaning agent and tools.

5.Find out the roof condition, determine the water source, and the power source. Make an overall work plan.

Note: Make sure that there is guardianship on the roof and the ground, and make sure the call tool is unobstructed to keep in touch.

After preparation, the acm metal panels should be cleaned as follows:

1) Rinse the wall with a water gun from a high pressure cleaner.

2) Check the wall for stains such as sticks, if any, first remove it with a scraper and other auxiliary tools and solvents.

3) Dip the water applicator into the bucket and spread it evenly on the wall surface after fully inhaling the detergent.

4) Depending on the degree of soiling, use a brush, a grinding disc, a scouring pad, a squeegee, etc., and rinse with water.

5) Confirm that the cleaning wall surface within the working range has been cleaned, and the sliding basket or hanging plate continues to work downward.

After all the operations are completed, clean up the equipment and tools, evacuate the ground protection rope or warning sign, and wipe the ground water.

The cleaned acm metal panels will be completely renewed, and the aluminum composite  panels should be cleaned regularly so as not to affect the appearance of the building.