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aluminium composite panel for signage

Aluminium Composite Panel For Signage

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) have emerged as a revolutionary material, transforming the signage industry with their versatility and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we delve into the myriad advantages
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Alucoworld ▎PVDF Coating ACP, we offer 20 years guarantee for you!

Why we are so confident in offering 20 years guarantee on PVDF ACP PANELS for you? The reasons are as follows: Firstly, let’s learn about the PVDF coating. The
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Alucoworld ▎Antistatic aluminum composite panel

1.Definition of antistatic aluminum composite panel: The antistatic aluminum-plastic panel is coated with an anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is less than the
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Alucoworld ▎Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

1.Brief  Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel WOODEN  Aluminum Composite Panel Wooden ACP is one of the most popular aluminum composite panel in the world, which vividly imitate the wood texture,
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Alucoworld ▎Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

1.Brief  Description of Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel: Alucoworld Mirror Finished Aluminum Composite Panel is made up of three layers, with two layers of aluminum skin on the top and
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