Fireproof Aluminum Composite panels, why it is so popular?

1.Brief  Description of fireproof panels:

Alucoworld Fireproof ACP Structure

(1)Fireproof panels also can be called fire rated aluminum composite panel or fire resistant aluminum composite panel. It adopts flame-retardant core material, and the combustion performance of the fireproof panels reaches the refractory grade (class B1) or non-combustible grade (class A).

 (2)At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical specifications of aluminum composite panels.

2.Next, I would like to share  the knowledge about fireproof core material with you.

Fireproof ACP Core Material

(1) The production process of fireproof panels core material

The fireproof aluminum-plastic composite core material is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, adding halogen-free environmentally-friendly flame retardant, and adopting continuous activation equipment to refine the surface of the composite, and then adding flame retardant synergist and other additives. After fully mixing and plasticizing, the particles are extruded.

(2)The characteristics of fireproof core material

The halogen-free fireproof aluminum-plastic plate core material is grayish white or white granules, which has the advantages of environmental protection, light weight and easy processing. It conforms to the development trend of international flame retardant materials and can meet the requirements of the building decoration industry. The fire rating reaches A grade or B. Level, fully meet the requirements of the aluminum composite panel production industry.

3.The difference between B1 grade and A2 grade fire resistant aluminum composite panels

fire rated acp

(1)The ingredients of fire core materials are different:

B1 grade plastic core:
It contains 55% – 55% flame retardant, the main ingredients are aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) and magnesium oxide (MgO) ;
A2 grade fireproof aluminium composite sheet plastic core material :
It Contains 88% – 90% of the flame retardant, the main ingredients are aluminium hydroxide(Al(OH)3) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) ;

(2)Different reactions to fire:

For B1 grade fireproof aluminum composite sheet:
When B1 grade panels are put on fire, it can be catched on fire after 5 minutes, and the fire will extinguish after 10 seconds when the fire leave the panels.

A2 grade fireproof aluminium composite sheet:
It can be catched on fire after 20 minutes, and the fire will extinguish immediately when the fire leave the panels.

(3)Different testing indicators and requirements:

Testing indicators and requirements of B1 grade fireproof panels:

  • According to GB/T8625-88 test, the average residual length of each set of specimens ≥ 150mm, (the remaining length of each specimen> 0), and the average peak temperature of each test flue gas temperature ≤ 200 °C;
  •  According to GB/T 8626-88 test, height index of flame tip <150mm, and the phenomenon of ignition of filter paper by burning drips is not allowed;
  • According to GB/T8627-1999 test, smoke density rating (SDR) ≤ 75.

Testing indicators and requirements of A2 grade fireproof panels:

  • According to GB/T 8625-88 test , the average residual length of each set of specimens ≥ 350mm (the remaining length of any specimen is > 200mm), and the peak value of the average flue gas temperature for each test ≤ 125°  No burning phenomenon on the back of the specimen;
  • According to GB/T8627-1999 test, smoke density rating (SDR) ≤ 15;
  • According to GB/T14402-93 and GB/T14403-93 test, the thermal value of its material ≤ 4.2MJ/kg, the heat released per unit area of the test piece ≤ 16.8MJ/m2;
  • According to GA 132–1996, the total non-lethal concentration of Lco in flue gas toxicity of burning materials is greater than or equal to 25.0 mg/L, and the mice will not die within 3 days after exposure and their weight will be recovered.

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Professional acp manufacture A lucoworld

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