Product features of ACP panel


ACP panel is actually a relatively new decoration material. This kind of material has a very good effect in our lives. Many building exterior walls will choose this product. In fact, it is mainly related to its own characteristics..acm panels

I have made some information for everyone, there are about eight aspects of the characteristics, and those who are interested can take a look together.

1、Fire resistance: The non-combustible outer aluminum sheet of the ACP panel can protect the polyethylene core material, and can block heat conduction during the initial combustion, and the fire resistance meets international standards.

2、 the design performance: aluminum-plastic panels can be produced according to customer requirements of color and shape, can meet the designer’s ingenious design, and achieve perfect decorative effects.

3、environmental protection: the surface layer does not change, no pollution to the environment.

aluminum composite panel

4、durability: ACP panel has durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance and other benign.

5、Flatness: Aluminum-plastic panel provides an excellent flat surface, which meets the pursuit of modern architecture for a high look.

6、Lightweight: The aluminum-plastic board is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic. It is lighter than other decorative materials, reduces the weight of the material itself, facilitates construction, and greatly shortens the construction period.

anti-static aluminum composite panel

7、 easy construction: ACP panel plate is easy to cut, cut, plan groove, bend into arcs, right angles and other shapes, can fully cooperate with the decoration, design various modeling changes.

8、Economy:ACP panel use various high-quality coatings, which do not require long-term maintenance, eliminating the maintenance and maintenance costs of large high-rise buildings nowadays. China ’s urban pollution is serious, and maintenance and cleaning are required after several years of use. Self-cleaning is good, only neutral detergent and water are needed. After cleaning, the board will be as good as new forever.

These eight aspects are related to the characteristics of the aluminum-plastic board. Do you have any understanding? If you want to order our aluminum-plastic board, you can contact us directly by phone.


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