Antistatic aluminum composite panel

With its excellent performance, aluminum-plastic composite panels are more and more popular among the people in building materials. In many special occasions, such as hospital electronics factories, there are high requirements for anti-static.

Although many manufacturers sell aluminum-plastic panels with anti-static properties, not all aluminum composite panels are anti-static. Therefore, when customers have anti-static requirements for aluminum-plastic composite panels, they must find reliable manufacturers to purchase anti-static aluminum-plastic composite panels.

1.Why do some customers need anti-static aluminum-plastic panels? What are the hazards of static electricity?

The generation of static electricity is unavoidable in industrial production, and the damage caused mainly can be attributed to the following two mechanisms:

One: the harm caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD):

(1) Causes malfunction or malfunction of the electronic device, causing electromagnetic interference.
(2) Breaking through integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or aging components to reduce production yield.
(3) High-voltage electrostatic discharge causes electric shock and endangers personal safety.
(4) Explosions and fires are likely to occur in production sites where multiple flammable or explosive materials or dust or oil mist are produced.

Second, the harm caused by electrostatic attraction (ESA):

(1) Electronics industry: Adsorption of dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, greatly reducing the yield.
(2) Film and plastic industry: film or film is not wound up; film, CD plastic disk is contaminated with dust, affecting quality.
(3) Paper-making printing industry: paper winding is not uniform, overprinting is not allowed, serious suction, and even paper bonding, affecting production.
(4) Textile industry: causing damage to the roots, broken flowers, broken yarns, etc.

2. Alucoworld anti-static aluminum composite panel features

All properties of Alucoworld anti-static aluminum composite panels meet national building materials requirements and international standards.

The Alucoworld anti-static aluminum composite  panel is coated with anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is less than the surface resistivity of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel, so that it is not easy to generate static electricity, and the dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface.

It not only can play anti-static, dust-proof, anti-fouling and antibacterial effects, and also is suitable for interior panels of special requirements industry.

3. Application of anti-static aluminum composite panel

As mentioned in the foregoing, static electricity can affect the quality of products in the electronics industry, film and plastics industry, paper printing industry, textile industry, etc. Although static electricity cannot be completely avoided, in order to achieve higher quality products, anti-static aluminum composite panels are the best choice in many industries.

anti-static acp panels project

Anti-static aluminum plastic board can also be used for partition board and ceiling, precision instrument factory, chemical warehouse, dangerous goods warehouse, computer room, hospital, operating room and so on.

Every piece of alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel is strictly controlled in every process. We aim to produce all series of  aluminum plastic panel with excellent performance for every customer.

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