High-Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel

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(1)Exterior aluminum composite panels
(2)Fireproof aluminum composite panel
(3)Sign board aluminum composite panel
(4)Mirror acp panels

Compare to the common acp panels, our engineer improve the product’s surface gloss,so it bring a new look to the customers, which are very popular recently, especially are welcomed by the majority of designers. Now the high gloss acp get widely recognized by the market, because it has many advantages such as light in weight , easy to install and 15-year-warranty.

1. The difference between high-gloss aluminum composite panel and matt aluminum composite panels

high gloss acp panel project

Highlights and matte are for aluminum plastic plate surface gloss.The surface of the high-gloss aluminum plastic plate is flat and smooth, just like the polished metal surface;Matte aluminum plates have rough surfaces, like frosted glass that does not reflect light.
The characteristics of the two are clearly distinct.
Several commonly used gloss intervals are: matte, bright, high-light.
For example, 20%-30% gloss is matte, 60%-70% is bright, and  80%-90% gloss is high light .
At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical specifications of aluminum composite panels.

2. High-gloss acp panels can bring a new look to the customers. we can use high gloss acp panels in many aspects

  • Interior cladding
  • Brand Shop
  • Office
  • Showroom
  • Exhibition design
  • Ceiling and indoor Wall Cover
  • Display Board
  • Cabinet
  • Partition
  • Signage boards
  • Artistic Model

3.We can produce all colors on all professional color cards. 

4. About alucoworld(leading acp panels manufacturer in China)

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