Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel

Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is also called aluminum corrugated composite board. It adopts AL3003H16-H18 aluminum alloy material, the panel is 0.8-1.0mm, the floor thickness is 0.4-0.5mm, the core board thickness is 0.2mm, and it is fully automated production. The equipment is produced with ERPSystem system quality management.

The aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is cold-formed water corrugated type in the same assembly line, and the bonding surface of the thermosetting two-component structural resin adhesive and the panel back plate is curved, which increases the bonding strength and has metal. The excellent adhesion of the board ensures stable and durable bonding performance and the same life of the building.

Structure of  Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel


In other words, Aluminum corrugated core board, also can be called aluminum three-dimensional board, is an improved honeycomb panel that does not require the expensive unit price of aluminum honeycomb panels, but is stronger and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panels. Its composition is all metal, no plastic components, environmentally friendly and fireproof, but it has the characteristics of aluminum plastic plate omelet processing. The patented three-dimensional physical structure, the amount of aluminum used is small. The appearance is diversified, whether it is imitation stone, imitation wood or brushed mirror.


Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been brave in exploring and striving for the upper reaches. With its high-quality aluminum corrugated core board and system after-sales service, it has achieved good reputation in the industry. The company sincerely cooperates, develops and innovates, adheres to the product tenet of quality first, and has won the strong support and trust of  many customers.

Why  is Aluminum corrugated composite panels so popular? Here is its advantages:

1. Lightweight:
The aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate has a unit area of ​​5kg/m2, so the construction time is shortened during construction, which is very effective. Light weight and reduced building exposure load can extend the life of the building.

2. Processability:
Easy to process and install: easy to process, can be cut, punched, bent, can be made into shaped flat plate, curved plate.

3. Environmental protection:
Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is easy to clean, easy to maintain, non-toxic, no toxic gas release, and complex environmental protection requirements.

4. Sound insulation:
Since the core plate is a corrugated arc type, a curved surface reflection is generated on the sound wave, and the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the back plate is eliminated, and the sound insulation performance can be improved by more than 35 db.

5. Decorative:
The aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate combines the functions and aesthetics perfectly, solves the shortcomings of the aluminum veneer, makes the appearance more vivid, and greatly enhances the decorative appearance of the building.

6. Excellent durability.
Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum sheet has stable and durable bonding performance. Because of tensile strength, compressive strength, 180 degree peeling strength is higher than that of honeycomb panel, it has ultra-high surface flatness and easy processing, shortening construction engineering time during construction. To the cost savings. Rich in color, easy to clean and maintain, corrosion resistant, strong anti-fouling ability, durable and no discoloration.

7. Economical:
Light weight, economical, 6mm thick, specific gravity of 4.3kg / m2. Because the heavy load of the face material is small, the structural support keel can be reduced and more economical.

8. Thermal insulation
The core of the aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is water corrugated, forming an air passage between the panel and the back plate, which is the best product for thermal insulation. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel warms up and carries away heat, which has thermal insulation properties.
In the cold area, the upper and lower ends of the corrugated passage are sealed, and the hot spot rate is minimized due to the characteristics of the closed mechanical structure of the body. Under the sunlight, the stored heat energy reduces the loss of indoor heating heat, and has the heat preservation performance.

9. Fire resistance
Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is made of aluminum alloy, has good  fireproof performance, fire rating is A2 grade non-combustible products.

Comparison table of aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate and other metal exterior plates

Comparison table of aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate and other metal exterior plates

The video of Aluminum corrugated composite panel.

Our advantage


  • Products are manufactured with the high-purity aluminum sheets, with the combination of advanced science and technology and high-precision devices.
  • The company possesses 4 production lines for Aluminum corrugated composite panel whose annual output is 3.5 million square meters.
  • Alucoworld is renowned for its high quality and cost-effective aluminum composite panel. The product catalogue of us is one of the most complete product lineups in the industry.
  • Various design,colors and textures of aluminum composite panel is available, Alucoworld lays a lot of emphasis on R & D, efficiency and consistent production.

Alucoworld Qualification


  • Registered with a capital of 10 million RMB, we have a dedicated staff of over 1000 employees, with annual revenues of 400 million RMB,
  • We have passed the rigorous inspections of the National building materials testing center, and ISO9001 certificate,CE certificate, ASTM standards certificate, SGS certificate is also available at Alucoworld.
  • The Chinese Construction Center designated us as a “Triple-A Enterprise” for national construction systems, and we are recognized as a “Top 10 Quality Brand” in the domestic building materials industry.