How many do you know about the 7 performances of acm cladding


Acm cladding in engineering decoration has a very high cost performance. In the 1990s, this material has been widely used by many construction units. This is because of 7 powerful performances of acm cladding. How much do you know about these performances ? acm manufacturer will introduce to you..acm panels


acm cladding1, Super strong peeling degree


acm cladding uses a new process. The most important technical index of aluminum-plastic composite board-peeling strength was improved to an excellent state. This makes the properties of flatness and weatherability of the aluminum-plastic composite board correspondingly improved.


2., Light weight and easy to process

Acm panel weighs only about 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter. Therefore, it can reduce the harm of the earthquake disaster. And it is easy to carry. Because of its superior workability, only simple tools can be used to complete its various shapes such as cutting, cutting, shaving, bending into arcs, and right angles.

What ’s more, it can also cooperate with the designer to make various changing shapes.


3, Excellent fire performance


In the middle of the fireproof acm cladding is a flame retardant PE plastic core material. On both sides is an extremely difficult to burn aluminum layer. Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material. Fully meets the fire resistance needs of building codes.


4, acm cladding Impact resistance


The aluminum composite board has strong impact resistance, high toughness, and does not damage the topcoat due to bending. It has strong impact resistance and will not be damaged by wind and sand in areas with large wind and sand.


5, acm cladding is Super weather resistance


Due to the use of fluorocarbon paint that can resist ultraviolet rays from sunlight. So acm cladding has unique advantages in terms of weather resistance. Whether in the hot sun or in the cold snow, it will not damage its beautiful appearance. And it will not fade for up to 15 years.


6, Uniform coating and various colors


After chemical synthesis treatment, the adhesion between paint and acm panel is uniform and the colors are diverse. This allows you to have more space when choosing. Show your personalization.


7, acm cladding is easy maintenance


In recent years, with the improvement of processing technology, aluminum-plastic composite board  improve significantly in terms of pollution resistance. Less pollution to the city. In addition, since it has good self-cleaning properties, only a neutral cleaning agent and water can be used. After cleaning, the board will be as new.


The above are 7 powerful performances of acm cladding. Do you understand


Thank you for reading.


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