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How many do you know about the 7 performances of acm cladding

Acm cladding in engineering decoration has a very high cost performance. In the 1990s, this material has been widely used by many construction units. This is because of 7
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Why ACM panels are the best choice for building exterior wall

First of all, let us first understand the status quo of modern building exterior wall panels.   Traditionally, steel and wood frames have been the most commonly used materials
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ACM material classified by product function

Anti static aluminum composite panel   What is an anti static plastic sheet? The anti-static plastic board is a kind of acm cladding with an anti-static coating, and its
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The ACM Panel Produced By Professional ACM Company

1. Conventional solid color ACM panel   Usually ACM Company can produce a variety of conventional solid color ACM panels including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other
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Alucoworld ▎Comparison of acm cladding and aluminum veneer

Alucoworld is a Chinese company,with factory in Jiangxi province, and specialized in manufacturing brushed aluminum veneer. In order to make everyone know about the acm cladding better, today i
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