A brief introduction of decorative metal wall panels


Decorative metal wall panels refers to a novel interior decoration material made of metal as a surface material. They are decorative layers that are formed on the surface of the wall with metal plates and pieces of decorative materials through veneering or connection installation. The decoration level can directly reflect the decoration effect of the building. This can not only make full use of natural or artificial materials to express the designer’s decorative design style, but also play a better role in covering and protecting the wall..acm panels

decorative metal wall panels


The types of decorative metal wall panels include aluminum composite panels, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. Copper and stainless steel decorative boards are of higher grade. But at the same time, their prices are also high. If you are using it for general room decoration, it is best to choose aluminum composite panel to decorate the panel. Because aluminum composite board meets people’s general shopping psychology. This decorative metal wall panels is not only good-looking and easy to use, but also cheap.

decorative metal wall panels


The shape of the aluminum composite plate is generally rectangular. The maximum specifications of rectangular plates are 2440mm * 1220mm * 0.5mm. For the decoration of larger rooms, the use of long strips will reflect a stronger integrity. For the decoration of small rooms, we generally can choose 300mm * 300mm decorative metal wall panels. General metal plates have poor thermal insulation properties. So if you choose metal plate for ceiling decoration, you can use the thermal insulation and absorption products such as glass wool and rock wool to achieve the function of thermal insulation and sound absorption. In particular, residents living on the top floor can use this method to improve the indoor environment after decoration. In this way, the cost of air conditioning can be significantly saved.


Decorative metal wall panels are mainly used in architectural decoration. It can not only decorate the exterior surface of the building, but also play a role in protecting the finish from erosion by rain and snow. Especially for some new wall materials, such as light steel keel paper plasterboard wall, paper grassboard wall, etc. are more suitable.

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