How to clean ACM board correctly


Anyone who knows ACM or uses ACM knows that ACM composite wall panels are very easy to clean. This is one of the basic features of the ACM board. The most popular material on the market in the decorative industry is ACM board. However, different stains on the surface of the ACM board have different treatments. Some stubborn stains have their own cleaning methods. If you clean on wrong ways,which can damage the surface or make the surface dirty.

a. Dust

Dust is the most common stain. If there is dust on the wall of the interior aluminium composite panel, we can wipe it directly with a feather duster or cloth. Or you can try to dry and wet wipe.

b. Oil stains.

For oil stains, as long as the stain on the ACM surface is not too long, we can clean it directly with a napkin. If the cleaning time is too long with a napkin, the water and the detergent can be diluted , and then directly wiped with the cloth dipping solution to restore the bright.

c. Handwriting

Nano aluminum composite panelFamilies with children inevitably leave notes on furniture and walls. If they are colored pens, gel pens and pencils, they can be erased directly with an eraser. If it is an oily mark, we can soak the alcohol with a cloth or paper towel. If there is no alcohol, the effect of soaking the oil essence is also very good, and then it can be wiped clean by removing it repeatedly. If you use crayon, then we can scrape off with cardboard or plywood, they will not damage the appearance.

d. Other stains

If dirt or glue adheres to the ACM, we can first scrape it off with cardboard or plywood and then wipe it off with a damp cloth or rubber to effectively resist the usual stains.


The above is the cleaning of the ordinary ACM board. Now let's talk about a special ACM---the daily cleaning of the mirror ACM board.


acm panelBecause the mirror ACM is corrosion resistant, it is easy to clean. Let us now introduce the correct way to clean the mirror ACM:

a. We can directly clean the surface of the mirror aluminum plate with a large amount of water.

b. After cleaning off the surface dirt, wash the dirtiest area with detergent.

c. Rinse off the surface of the detergent with plenty of water. After cleaning, the mirror ACM can be completely refresh.


Although the cleaning method of the mirror is simple, there are two issues to be aware of:

a. When the surface temperature of the mirror aluminum plate is too high, do not wash it. The temperature limit should be around 40 degrees Celsius.

b. Choose a mild detergent and do not use strong alkaline cleaners such as NaOH or KOH.


The surface of the mirrored aluminum panel is smoother and more beautiful. Once scratched, the aesthetic measure of the ACM board will be affected. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protecting the ACM board in daly life.


Generally, ACM composite wall panels with good quality are very easy to clean, are not easily damaged and scratched, and they are more durable.


Therefore, when choosing an ACM board, you must ensure the quality of the brand. ALUCOWORLD ACM has always been based on brand quality as a fulcrum for occupational safety. Undertook a number of renovation projects, deeply trusted and praised by customers. If you are looking for strong ACM board,please contact us without hesitate.

acm material
Upholding the principle of “Quality is the Life Core of an Enterprise”, Alucoworld acm material has also obtained various quality inspection certificates issued by authoritative quality inspection institutions at home and abroad, including: performance standards of ASTM aluminum-plastic composite panels by SGS international authoritative testing institutions, ROHS testing, etc.

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