Characteristics of different kind of composite wall panels


Composite wall panels are panels composed of different materials with different functions.For example roofing with concrete, foam insulation layer and surface waterproof layer of three-in-one plate.Sandwich plate is also a kind of composite plate.acp panels

Composite wall panels are generally divided into: aluminum Composite wall panels, wood Composite wall panels, color steel Composite wall panels, rock wool Composite wall panels and so on.

Wood Composite wall panel

Wood Composite wall panels usually refer to panels with oriented particleboard as the core.Its veneer as the surface of the structure of the general use of artificial board.

Wood Composite wall panels are laminated panels made by gluing two thin surface panels to a thicker core layer.Table plate spacing, not only to ensure greater stiffness, and do not need to increase the amount of material.Panels on wood Composite wall panels can be made of small panels, splinters, veneer honeycomb or other lightweight wood.

Color steel Composite wall panel

Composite wall panelsColor steel wood Composite wall panels and bottom panels and core material through a binder (or foam) Composite thermal insulation Composite maintenance plate.


  1. Industrial workshop and warehouse;
  2. Cold storage, box packaging;
  3. Light steel residence, original building sandwich room;
  4. Mobile board room;
  5. Various purification rooms, air conditioning rooms, etc.

Rock wool Composite wall panel

Rock wool Composite wall panels are basalt and other natural minerals as the main raw materials of the panel.Rock wool board through high temperature melting into fiber, and then join an appropriate amount of binder and then solidify processed.

Rock wool board products are suitable for industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, sound insulation, etc.

Aluminum Composite wall panel

Aluminum Composite wall panels (also known as aluminum panels) as a new decorative material.It with its economy, optional color diversity, convenient construction method, excellent processing performance, excellent fire prevention and noble quality, is very popular.

Composite wall panelsAluminum-plastic composite board has a unique performance, so it is widely used: it can be used in the building exterior wall, curtain wall board, renovation of the old building, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display platform, purification and dust engineering.It belongs to a new building decoration material.

Feature of aluminum Composite wall panel

Aluminum Composite wall panels have flat surface, uniform color, small color difference and lightweight, with a certain degree of stiffness and strength.Due to the use of fluorocarbon coating on the surface of the sheet, it can resist acid and alkali corrosion, and has the advantages of powder resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance and no discoloration.

Development of Chinese aluminum Composite wall panel

The production of ACP panels in China began in the 1990s.After nearly ten years of development, it has made remarkable progress in market recognition, yield, variety, technology, quality, standard and application.According to incomplete statistics, since 1998, the annual output of ACP sheet has increased by nearly 30%.By 2002, the annual output of ACP sheet has exceeded 50 million square meters, annual output value more than 10 billion yuan, has formed a certain scale of export capacity.It can be said that ACP sheet in China as a booming industry.


Nowadays, the process of China’s aluminum composite wall panels has reached the world’s top level.


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