Why Your Alucobond Panels Are Expensive than Other Suppliers?


This question has been mentioned repeatedly. Alucoworld has been asked countless times “why your alucobond panels (Aluminum Composite Panels) are higher than other suppliers”. Interestingly, few questioners can come up with conclusive evidence to prove this.

Factors affecting alucobond panel prices

Anyway, this question is still worthy of our thorough investigation. Let us explain to you which parts make up the final product price.

1. Raw Material

Briefly, Aluminum composite panel is a thin sandwich panel with a non-aluminum core bonded between two aluminum panels. Depending on the price of aluminum (Aluminum Price Expectations vs. Reality) & composite material and the thickness of aluminum you need, the price of aluminum composite panel is not static.

Aluminum Price List

2. Surface Coating

Alucoworld aluminum composite panels are widely used on exterior walls, interior walls and advertising boards. The ACP panels used on the exterior walls are usually PVDF coated, which is guaranteed for at least 15-20 years.

Other surface decoration materials include fireproof, self-cleaning nano-coating, mirror, brush, wood grain and granite grain, etc. There are also different grades of materials, the better the more expensive.

Alucobond panels from Alucoworld

3. Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs do not determine the price of aluminum composite panels directly, but it does affect the final decision. Many customers have retreated because of this.
With the soaring shipping cost (This week’s Top Stories About Shipping Costs), we recommend that you buy locally if you only need a small amount.
At the same time, this means opportunities for the local market. If you do not plan to give up aluminum composite panels business, please plan ahead and order a considerable number of alubond panels or stock panels from us. The prices and discounts we offer can still help you make a lot of money even if you increase the shipping costs.
The premise is that you must plan well and as early as possible.

Shipping Cost on ACP Sheet

Besides, we must remind you of one important thing: quality.

Take the fireproof ACP panel as an example, the fireproof core materials are usually white, but some suppliers use white plastic cores to fake fireproof aluminum composite panels to save money, and do not have any fire protection features.

This is difficult to distinguish from appearance, but it will leave a safety hazard. Many people think that improving quality can save money, and Alucoworld believes that improving quality can avoid tragedies in some way.

Fireproof ACP Material

Alucoworld specially made a video to learn the quality inspection of Alucobond panels, hope this can help you.

Don’t confuse high quality with expensive. Alucoworld chooses to produce good products and never cut corners. Savvy consumers know the difference and choose high quality aluminum composite panels to provide a more secure guarantee for their own business or project.

Choose the best quality from the same price, and choose the best price from same quality. Leave your INFO, then you will get the most competitive price!