Inferior aluminum composite panel manufacturer commonly used 4 trick


Aluminum composite panel

Alucoworld is a professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer.We export aluminum composite panels all over the world.Our high quality products win tens of thousands of praise from customers all over the world.But there are many ACP manufacturers in addition to Alucoworld.One part of them is a bad manufacturer, aluminum composite plate is not up to the quality requirements. Now, let’s tell you these inferior aluminum composite panel manufacturer commonly used 4 trick to help you avoid being cheat from them.acm panels


Reduce the thickness of aluminum composite panel


The aluminum plate bears most of the strength of the ACP panel. Thin thickness Aluminum plate is with very low strength. And it’s easy to deform, even endanger personal safety. Most cost of aluminum plate is depending on weight. So many manufacturers are trying to reduce the thickness of aluminum plate, in order to reduce the cost.


aluminum composite panel
Use exterior wall panels for interior wall panels


The aluminum material of the exterior wall aluminum composite panel should be rust-proof aluminum. And the surface paint should be the weathering fluorocarbon paint. So that the product in the harsh climate environment with a long service life. However, some of the wall board manufacturers use the non-fluorocarbon paint as fluorocarbon paint.It will seriously shorten the product life. And it will causing unnecessary economic losses, too.


Product bubbling and ungumming


It can be clearly observe bubble or aluminum strip on the surface of aluminum composite panel, or some in use after a section. There are many reasons for this. Such as the use of poor quality glue by manufacturers, lead to poor bonding, raw materials are polluted, the use of poor quality raw materials which make bubble the panel, etc., will affect the appearance of products and use safety.


Selection of core material


Aluminum composite panel core materials are currently using polyethylene rather than polyvinyl chloride. Because polyvinyl chloride burning will produce a strong lethal gas . So it has not been used in the world. But some manufacturers use the recovery of the old ingredients complex, not by strict sorting and processing, which has more impurities, and the product quality is instability.

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