Why Alucoworld acm materials are so popular in Mongolia?

Jiangsu Kingertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in acm materials in China. And its brand is Alucoworld, who has already in her twenties. She is so popular with customers at home and aboard, especially in Mongolia recently years. Why? Here are some reasons you need to know.acp panels

1.The quality of Alucoworld acm materials is super.

Unlike some companies, in order to make higher profits, they use inferior materials and turn out sub-standered products. However, Kingertai has a complete strict quality assurance system, having passed ISO 9001 and ISO 2001 certifications successfully as well,  alucoworld always adhere to the principle of “Quality is the life of enterprise” . Therefore, our alucoworld panels’ quality is super, and also is guaranteed.

alucoworld acm panel project

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In addition, I would like to share the warranty of Alucoworld acm materials with you, generally includes the following aspects:

  • Under normal climatic conditions, the aluminum-plastic composite panel does not peel off, blister, crack or chalk.
  • Under normal environmental conditions, no peeling or bubbling of the sheet occurs.
  • When the board is exposed to normal radiation or temperature conditions, no chromatic aberration is observed.
  • According to the international regulations, the inspection methods are standardized, and all the indicators meet the national standards and enterprise standard requirements or contract requirements.
  • According to the national standard GB/T17748-1999 of aluminum-plastic composite board, the fluorocarbon exterior wall board is coated with 70% fluorocarbon resin and used under normal climatic conditions to provide 10 to 15 years of quality assurance. The fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite board has good fire performance in addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary aluminum-plastic composite panels, and its combustion performance meets or exceeds the B1 grade specified by QB8624.

2. Diversity of finishes of alucoworld new building materials.

Our hot sales including marble series, wood finish series, brushed series, mirror series, high-gloss series, mosaic series, etc.

If you have trouble in selecting colors, our team will help you to pick appropriate acm materials colors according to your own style of decoration and pattern design to customize a comfortable and beautiful environment for you.

ACP cabinet project case

The following is our hot sales list, if you want to know more details, just click it!

(1) Mirror finish aluminum composite panel

(2) Brushed aluminum composite panel

(3) Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

(4) Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

(5) High-gloss ACM Materials

3. The price of our acm materials is the most competitive

Just like most products, quality and price are the most concerned to people. As we talked above, you has already known that our quality is guaranteed and super, now let us talk about why our price is the most competitive.

(1) Raw materials is abundant

For acm raw materials, the materials are aluminum coils and plastics. China has the world’s richest aluminum mine, therefore, that is to say, as concerned to aluminum products, China has unique advantages when comparing to other countries.

(2) Labor cost is low

China’s population ranks second in the world, in addition, one-third of them engaged in industrial production. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing, China has a relatively low labor cost.

The reasons on the above can tell you very well why our price is the most competitive. Our acm products become more and more popular in the world, which also benefits from lower labor cost and lower raw materials.

4. Why our acm materials are so popular in Mongolia recently years?

(1) The most important of all, as the same as the reasons that alucoworld materials are popular in the world, our quality is guaranteed and the price is competitive.

(2) Compared with many countries, China is very close to Mongolia, which can save a lot of carriage expense.

(3) In recent years, Mongolia’s economy has developed rapidly, and aluminum-plastic panel materials have shown excellent performance in many buildings.

The following image is an engineering project in Mongolia,this is not customer feedback, when a customer came to our website, he sent this picture and asked: Is this your project?

Alucowold acm materials


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