What do you know about composite panels?


When it comes to building materials, it may be a question that many friends who are about to renovate are considering. Due to the wide variety of plates, the environmental health and practicality are very different, so everyone is cautious when purchasing the plates of the building. Today, I will introduce you to the common composite panels, and what are the characteristics of these composite panels? Let’s take a look!acp panels

There are many types of composite boards, such as rock wool composite panels, polystyrene composite panels, polyurethane composite panels, FRP composite panels, and aluminum-plastic composite panels.

Rock wool composite board:

Rock wool composite panels

The rock wool composite board is made of rock wool made of vertical filament fiber, and is made of a color steel sheet by an automatic continuous molding machine, and is bonded by a high-strength adhesive after being pressed. Since the color steel plate and the core rock wool are both non-combustion bodies, the fireproof performance is relatively good.

Polystyrene composite panels:

Polystyrene composite panels

The polystyrene composite board is made of colored steel plate as the surface layer, closed-cell self-extinguishing polystyrene is used as the core material, and the color steel plate is pressed by the automatic continuous molding machine and then bonded with polyurethane (A, B) adhesive. A high-efficiency new composite building material with the characteristics of heat preservation and waterproofing at one time, fast construction speed, economic and trade durability, beautiful appearance, etc., mainly applicable to public buildings, industrial plants, combined cold storage, building joints, and commercial pavilions.

Polyurethane composite panels:

Polyurethane is used as the core material, and its characteristics also have the characteristics of polystyrene composite board, and it is not easy to burn. It has the advantages of small shrinkage, no embrittlement, non-toxic, non-corrosive and stable thermal conductivity at ultra-low temperature.

FRP composite board:

The FRP composite material is a high-performance material formed by mixing a fiber material and a matrix material in a certain ratio. Among them, GFRP has different types of resins, such as polyester glass reinforced plastics, epoxy glass reinforced plastics, and phenolic glass reinforced plastics. Generally, FRP has the characteristics of light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, less recycling, and corrosion resistance.

With the advancement of social science and technology, the development of the discipline of civil engineering structure has benefited to a large extent from the application and development of new materials and new technologies with excellent properties, while FRP has excellent mechanical properties and adapts to modern engineering structures. The demand for large span, towering, heavy load and light development is being widely used in bridge engineering, ocean engineering and underground engineering, and has been widely concerned by the structural engineering community.

Aluminum-plastic composite panels:

It consists of two materials (metal and non-metal) that are completely different in nature. It retains the main characteristics of the original constituent materials (metal aluminum, non-metal polyethylene plastic) and overcomes the shortcomings of the original constituent materials. Excellent material properties, such as luxury, colorful decoration, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance; light weight, easy processing, easy handling and installation.

ACM cladding


Therefore, aluminum-plastic composite panels are widely used in various architectural decoration, such as ceilings, pillars, counters, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, storefronts, billboards, factory wall materials, etc., which have become the three curtain walls (natural stone, glass) Representative of curtain wall, metal curtain wall and metal curtain wall, in developed countries, aluminum-plastic composite panels are also used in the manufacture of buses, trains, aircraft, ship sound insulation materials, design instrument cabinets, etc., in developing countries, various buildings Up to the ground, correspondingly, the aluminum-plastic panel has been well applied.

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