Electrolytic coloring of aluminum composite panels


Hello everyone, we are a professional team of Alucoworld. Today I want to introduce you about the electrolytic coloring and anodizing test methods for aluminum composite panels. Hope it can help you.acp panels


Anodizing is a very important method for coloring aluminum-plastic composite panels in technology. Its success will be directly related to the quality and effect of coloring.

After anodization, the surface of the aluminum can form a dense, porous and uniform oxide film. It is precisely because of the existence of such an oxide film layer. The aluminum composite panel coloring process is more reliable.

Aluminum electrolytic coloring layers are affected by a variety of factors. The main factor is the density, quality and properties of the alumina film. Its structure is an important factor in determining coloration. Most of the sulfuric acid anodizing methods currently used on the market are anodizing solutions. The oxidation process has the advantage of low production costs.

Advantages of electrolytic coloring of aluminum composite panels



First, power is saved because the price of sulfuric acid is low and the current is small during the oxidation process.


In addition, the treatment of the oxidizing waste liquid is more convenient. This is a cheaper and more acceptable method than other oxidation methods.


Secondly, the film layer oxidized by the direct current anodization method of sulfuric acid has high transparency. Many companies in the market are pursuing transparency at the film level.


Typically, the film layer oxidized by the direct anodic oxidation process of sulfuric acid is colorless and transparent.


At the same time, the sulfuric acid direct anodic oxidation method has higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The film structure after direct oxidation of sulfuric acid is harder, denser and more stable.


aluminum composite panelsNow, let's talk about what measures are needed to improve electrolytic coloring technology?


There are several main measures as follows:

  1. First, control the material of the aluminum composite panel. We need to reduce the iron, zinc and other elements in aluminum. This will ensure the purity of aluminum. Only in this way can the quality of electrolytic coloring be better guaranteed.
  2. The preparation process and heat treatment process of aluminum should be closely monitored. This ensures that the purity of the aluminum is consistent.
  3. Ensure the anodizing process of aluminum. It includes degreasing, washing, alkali corrosion, secondary washing, drying, and the like. Then, it is appropriately observed after the anodizing treatment. Avoid unnecessary things that cause damage to the material.
  4. Control the parameters of the anodization process. It includes solution density, oxidizing ambient temperature, current control and ion concentration.
  5. Select different coloring recipes as needed. Strictly control the various processes in the oxidation process, control different parameters, and ensure oxidation quality.

The above is the introduction and improvement measures of aluminum composite panel electrolysis technology. I hope you find it useful!

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