What are the raw materials commonly used for brushed aluminum sheets?


What are the raw materials commonly used for brushed aluminum sheets?


At present, with the improvement of the level of science and technology. The building materials industry has invented and used many new materials and processes. The wire drawing process is a new process that has just begun to appear in recent years. So, do you know what materials is commonly used in brushed aluminum sheets?

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This new process --- drawing process, makes the metal surface look different. Now let us know the raw materials commonly used in the new production of brushed aluminum texture sheets.

Pure aluminum plate
Be Widely Used

Pure aluminum sheet is one of the most commonly used raw materials for the production of brushed aluminum texture sheets, and is one of the largest raw materials we use in industrial production.

The pure aluminum plate contains a high amount of aluminum, and the aluminum ore is processed by a series of production processes, and finally an aluminum plate which can be used for industrial production is produced.

Low Cost

Since the cost of pure aluminum sheets is relatively low compared to the cost of alloy aluminum sheets, pure aluminum sheets have become the most commonly used aluminum sheet products in processing and production.

Aluminum alloy plate
More Special Colors

Adding other metals to the metal changes its properties, such as color. The use of alloy aluminum plates allows the materials produced to have relatively bright colors such as red, green, and the like. These colors, which can be used to decorate the interior or exterior of a building, are highly appreciated.

Have stronger hardness

Due to the nature of the alloy, he can make our materials harder and suitable for use in mechanical manufacturing. Since the hardness and color of the brushed aluminum plate have some special advantages in many fields, the alloy aluminum plate is very suitable for production.

Brushed aluminum composite panel samples:

brushed aluminum sheets brushed aluminum sheets brushed aluminum sheets


The above is the entire content of the raw materials of the brushed aluminum composite board. If you are interested in brushed aluminum sheets, please feel free to contact us. Alucoworld will always welcome you.

acm material
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