How to avoid burst when grooving the ACP sheet?


Before we talk about how to burst ACP sheet,let’s focus on the Aluminum composite panel common specifications first:

Specifications of ACP sheet

The specifications of aluminum-plastic composite panels are mainly divided into the total thickness of aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum thickness, width, length and size.

1. Total thickness is 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

2. Aluminum thickness: 0.1mm-0.5mm

3. Width 1220mm, 1500mm

4. Length 1000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm

5. 1220 * 2440mm aluminum composite panel size is called the industry standard board

Usually (not specifically stated), the aluminum composite panel is of a standard type.

How to avoid burst when grooving the ACP sheet?

Cutting tool

The tool used to cut aluminum-plastic panels is the trimmer (as shown).

For the same reason, there are desktops and other portable devices. It also needs to be equipped with a V-shaped cutter (as shown) for use.

Some details to note

The thickness of the tool should be adjusted according to the thickness of the aluminum-plastic composite panel: the thicker the panel, the smaller the bending angle and the thicker the tool. As shown, the 3mm thick plate should be folded at a 45 degree angle.

During use, first adjust the length required for the cutter head in the same batch of sheet: neither the aluminum foil nor the too thick core.


The above is all about "how to avoid burst when grooving the ACP sheet?" If you still have something to understand or want to buy an ACP sheet, please come and ask us, Alucoworld will always welcome you.

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