How to spray paint on aluminum composite panels


Do you want to know how to spray paint on aluminum composite panels? In fact, this is very simple, just learn. Alucoworld professional team will teach you now:

Before construction:

Before construction, we must ensure that it is directly applied on the aluminum composite panels. In addition, the lacquer construction technique should be applied to the putty of flat exterior wall. A smooth surface of the Acp panel will have a good effect on the adhesion of the paint surface.

Operation process:

1. Ensure that the bottom surface of the acp is smooth, clean and free of dirt.

2. Do a grid, spring ink line, with a toothless saw out of the grid groove, groove width of 20mm, depth of 15-20mm.

3. Spray the primer. With a color spray gun, generally from left to right, then from right to left, the spray distance is about 0.4m, the spray thickness should be less than 1mm, the spray pressure is 0.4-0.6mpa, the spray gun diameter is 2-3mm, and the drying time is about 60 minutes. Roll coating or brush coating can also be used.4. Spray paint (or paint).

4. Spray construction method. First use a steel scraper to scrape off a layer of natural lacquer. For the second time, use a lacquer spray gun to spray evenly. A total thickness of 2-3 mm is suitable or according to design requirements. The interval should be greater than 30 minutes.

  • Indoor engineering and outdoor engineering are slightly different:
    ACP for indoor. Spraying construction method, indoor engineering can be completed by one-time spraying. The outdoor project is divided into two sprays. A total thickness of 2-3 mm is suitable or according to design requirements.
  • Light natural lacquer finish should be used according to the actual conditions of the project. Two spray application methods are used to ensure that the bottom does not leak. The thickness is determined according to the actual conditions of the project or according to the design requirements.
  • The float size can be adjusted and controlled by the "nozzle plug" during the spraying process. The centerline of the nozzle should always be perpendicular to the spray surface, and the distance between the nozzle barrel and the spray surface should be 0.3-0.5m.

5. Grinding:
The natural lacquer is dried (drying under normal environmental conditions for 24 hours), the surface of the sandpaper is polished to a relatively smooth surface, and then the dust is wiped off with a clean damp cloth.

6. The coating should be completed twice
aluminum composite panelsSpray with a colored spray gun and spray twice every 60 minutes. The specific method is the same as the primer spray. The thickness should be less than 1 mm.

If it is the first time to spray the waterproof coating and the second time to apply the anti-fouling coating. The interval is 60 minutes. The total thickness is less than 1 mm.

The above is about "how to spray paint on aluminum composite panels". If you still have something to understand, or want to buy an ACP. Welcome to consult us. Alucoworld will always welcome you.

acm material
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