The Factors Affecting the Price of ACP Panels


ACM(Aluminum Composite Material) is unique in its look as it can provide a contrast which can bring out the features in other aspects of your home like windows, doors, and lighting while being beautiful to look at on its own. You are also not left to building traditional square designs that are less pleasing to look at but rather a multitude of designs and shapes giving an edge to projects that require a unique persona. acp panels

There is NO Fixed Price in ACP panel Construction Industry

In the ACP panel industry, the quotation is not casually carried out, it has a special calculation formula. Maybe each manufacturer has a slight difference, but the overall difference is not big. There are many reasons for affecting the price of ACP panels, such as raw materials, labor, machine depreciation, management costs, etc., but the biggest factor for price fluctuation is raw materials.

The Thickness is another factor affecting the price

In general, the raw materials of ACP panels are mainly aluminum alloy materials and polyethylene plastics. The same thickness of different types of aluminum alloys are not the same in price, while the same type of material, the thickness will also affect the price fluctuation to a certain extent.

Surface Treatment can bring the price fluctuation

Secondly, the difference in composite materials on the surface of ACP panels also leads to different prices. Film, fluorocarbon, roller coating… The better the surface decoration material, the more expensive it is. The use of a good brand of polymer binder in the intermediate composite adhesive will also lead to an increase in the production cost of the aluminum composite panel.

In a word, Fluctuations in the above different materials market will lead to frequent changes in the aluminum composite panel market.

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