Aluminum Composite Panel—New Type of Architecture Material


With the consistent expansion in residential and commercial infrastructure in schools, malls, and hospitals, the construction industry has witnessed tremendous growth. As infrastructural developments continue, architects and interior designers are recommending the use of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for various reasons. Did you know that Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) is: Anti-bacterial, Anti-static, and more importantly fire resistant? In addition to the obvious benefits, ACM is chosen for its versatility and its ease of application.

ACM has gained tremendous attention within the construction industry with the help of mass media coverage. ACM or ACP (Aluminum Composite Panels) have a huge market which currently exceeds billion dollars. This increase in demand is heavily due to its impressive strength to weight ratio considering how lightweight the quality material actually is.

Technological advancements for the material made within the construction sector paired with the economical prices of raw materials are expected to propel the growth and the development of the market. This has been driven by the functionality of Aluminum Composite Panels in extreme and harsh weather conditions, its high rigidity, resistance to UV and pollution. The low maintenance costs of ACP also creates the opportunity for the adoption of aluminum composite panels to be used as external coverage.

With the support of various government initiatives, the growth in urban expansion affects the rapid market growth and development of the material. Since the material can be constructed to almost any shape, we are seeing numerous application opportunities for the material aside from the construction industry. For instance, ACM use is growing in the automotive industry to reduce the overall weight and increase of a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The continued demand for innovative, lightweight material is said to be the foster of this growth.

Choosing the Best Brand in China for Aluminum Composite Material

Alucoworld is China’s leading supplier of aluminum composite panels and aluminum composite materials. Specializing in aluminum cladding for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Along with providing a diverse array of materials, Alucoworld is recognized for the innovation and durability of materials it brings to the market. That is shown in the commitment strived to achieve every day; to offer superior quality ACM Panels at affordable prices. In order for clients and corporate partners to save time and labor costs.

Alucoworld, as the top China manufacturer that supplies, fabricates, and installs ACM, is thrilled to provide developers, contractors, and architects with certified, high-quality Aluminum Composite Material. Our offerings showcase a flat, sleek, design to commercial buildings and residential homes throughout the world. Innovation in the construction industry is Alucoworld everyday-mission and we strive to bring modernity to every consumers.

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