Prospects for the future development of ACM panels


With the rapid development of the construction and infrastructure industries, the demand for building materials is also growing. People are increasingly value the quality and strength of materials. Today's building materials are so diverse, it is not easy to say that the future of ACM panels is beyond light.


About the so-called of ACM panels, let us briefly talk about it. This is a flat plate made of two aluminum substrates bonded together by a core material in the middle of the two plates. Therefore, we often call it a sandwich panel.


aluminum composite panel projectAccording to global market statistics, ACM panels expects the market to grow by $8.7 billion over the next six years. Due to the weatherability and fire resistance of the ACM cladding material. Therefore, its external wall/interior cladding, the practicality of the floor and ceiling make it a major resource for the construction industry.


In addition, the growth of vehicle production in emerging countries around the world will also strengthen the ACM market. This is because in addition to durability, ACM panels can be recycled for automotive aluminum scrap, which will only benefit the automotive industry. This cladding material is environmentally friendly, which makes it very popular on the market today. It will also drive product demand in the future. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it also provides sound insulation and insulation, which will increase its use in modern architecture and architecture.


Due to the increased demand and its multi-faceted use, the market for ACM panels is moving in the direction of integration. However, competitive pricing models and lack of process integration may keep competition and competition high in the market.


Currently, the largest consumer area of ​​ACM panels is located in the Asia Pacific region, such as China, India, Australia and Japan, which also happens to be the main markets. The rapid growth of the industry has improved the financial situation of these countries, which have increased the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. Population growth and rapid economic expansion in various regions are also factors to consider.


China has the largest share of the ACM panel market in the Asia Pacific region, which is understandable if we look at its economic history. After the recession of 2007-2009, the country's demand for low-maintenance construction supplies and products increased rapidly. The presence of many leading companies is also rapidly increasing the market in the region.


In addition to environmental protection, ACM panels are also used to isolate commercial buildings, food and beverage stores, and homes. As a lighter and more cost-effective alternative, ACM panels are also used in the advertising industry. Although recent restrictions on PE (polyethylene core) in the US and Germany are threatening market participants, with the development of fireproof cores, these The demand for panels will continue to grow.

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