Aluminum composite panels for sale


Aluminum composite panels for sale

Alucoworld is a professional manufacturer and marketer of aluminum composite panels. Now our professional team will tell you some tips for buying aluminum composite panels.acp panels


Quality assurance of aluminum composite panels


In general, aluminum composite panels must meet the following criteria:


1. Under normal weather conditions, the surface of the paint will not peel, blister, crack, and chalk.

2. Under normal environmental conditions, no peeling or bubbling of the board will occur.

3. When the board is exposed to normal radiation or temperature, no abnormal chromatic aberration will occur.

4. Conduct inspections in accordance with international inspection methods and specifications. All indicators are in line with international standards and corporate standards or contract requirements.

5. Fluorocarbon exterior wall panels are produced according to international standard GB / t17748-1999. It is coated with 70% fluorocarbon resin and provides 10 to 15 years of quality assurance under normal weather and environmental conditions.

6. Flame retardant aluminum composite panels. In addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary aluminum composite panels. Aluminum composite panels should also have good fire performance. Its combustion performance meets or exceeds the B1 level specified in QB8624.

Under normal circumstances, aluminum composite panels must meet the above criteria. If not, the customer can return and claim.

Size deviation of aluminum composite panelsaluminum composite panels

The so-called aluminum composite panels refer to the inorganic material as the core layer, the composite board is made of aluminum on both sides, and the surface of the product is coated with a coating or a coating or a thin type. The allowable deviation of the dimensions of aluminum-plastic composite panels shall meet the following requirements:

1. Length of aluminum composite panels
The length deviation should be plus or minus 2mm.


2. Width
The width deviation should be plus or minus 1.5mm.


3. The difference between the diagonals
Diagonal deviation should be less than or equal to 3mm.


4. Edge straightness
The deviation of the straightness of the aluminum plate should be less than or equal to 0.5 mm.


5. warpage
The warpage deviation of the aluminum plate should be less than or equal to 14 mm.


In addition, suppliers and vendors can agree to tolerances for special size sizes.


The above is all about "precautions for purchasing aluminum composite panels". I hope that this content can help you, if you do not understand, please contact us or send us an email. Click here to Contact us!

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