Aluminum panel manufacturers tell you what is the color card


There are a lot of colors to choose from for aluminum-plastic panels. In order to facilitate your choice, aluminum panel manufacturers will prepare color cards for you to distinguish between these colors and choose a more suitable color. Let Alucoworld us talk about the role of color cards aluminum panel manufacturers.

Aluminum-plastic panel is a decoration material often used in the decoration industry. It has good properties, such as corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and has the characteristics of convenient cleaning. It is suitable for many places.

For designers or construction units, the color card is the first visual effect of understanding their work or construction project.

The colors on the color card are usually the colors that can be delivered and produced quickly, that is, each aluminum panel manufacturers has a set of fixed colors that are commonly used in mass production. If the user or designer fails to provide the colors provided by the manufacturer Selected color on the card.

Color accuracy

Then it will involve the modulation confirmation of the special color, and then this process will have some time. At the same time, there will be some MOQ restrictions, etc. This is an inevitable problem that needs to be communicated in actual operation.

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Each manufacturer of aluminum-plastic plate color card is different, and some colors may have some color difference. There are also different names for the same color system among different manufacturers, so when you buy aluminum-plastic plate, You must first determine which manufacturer’s color card you are using to ensure color accuracy.

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