The benefits of choosing acm panels


The benefits of choosing acm panels


Flat material, Flat surface.


In terms of consistency and precision. ACM panels are one of the best materials  for the metal building products industry. So, when you chose these panels as your building system material. The most important consideration is that aluminum composites do not have “oil canning”. They should be ensured that the flatness is completely flat. Of course, the surface finished also should completely flat. acm panels

acm panels

Cost-effective and affordable.


Contrary to popular belief, thanks to significant improvements in product technology. Manufacturing efficiency and installation technology has updated. Nowadays, acm panels are more affordable and cost-effective than ever before.This cost-effectiveness has made them increasing popularity. And, they can use in many different applications. Like interior wall decorative panels, ceiling, advertising signs and so on.


Acm panels have a longer service life 


Aluminum composites can maintain their luster for decades. Because they have  big advances in coatings and coating technology. For this reason, they ensure that buildings maintain their aesthetic appeal and performance value over the long term. Thereby reducing maintenance costs (This also supports our second point) . Compared to other external components such as prefab, granite or brick. The aluminum plastic plate can also save cost in case of damage. Due to its modular structure.

acm panels


Complete building acm panels materials system


Aluminum composite panels provide a reliable building materials system.

Because they can resize various elements. You know that Aluminum composite panels is a kind of composited panel which like sandwich. The plastic core is inside, the aluminum coating the both sides. You can cut it into all kind of shapes as you wish. So, these flexible materials is almost suitable for everywhere.


Wide application field


Acm are available for a variety of applications. Including external cladding, internal feature walls and entrances. And also available for canopies, signs and corporate logos, post covers, etc.

ACM exists in unique buildings around the world. Including offices, warehouses, multi-family homes, hotels, restaurants. And also exists in car dealerships, gas stations, schools, retail stores, and entertainment centers.

acm panels


Sustainable material.


ACM have a high content of recycled components.

ACM contain up to a third less aluminum than solid aluminum panels. While, at the same time, they keep the same rigidity and strength.

In fact, the aluminum plastic plate will not pollute the environment in their production process. Because it will not emit toxic gas and harmful gas and water  in the process. What’s more, the aluminum plastic plate can also be recycled and reused. The aluminum plastic plate can be separated from the plastic through technology. And the plastic can be processed into black particles after recycling. 

Recycled black particles can also be used to make aluminum sheets and other things. For example, plastic bags, barrels, basins, toys, furniture, stationery and other living utensils and a variety of plastic products.


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Why Choose Alucoworld as your acm panels supplier ?


Excellent team


Our team focuses on supporting each customer individually. And we will finding unique solutions for each specific project.

All ACM panels are crafted to meet your exact project specifications. Working with Alucoworld can ensure you get the quality products you need.

What’s more, we will help sub-contractors to make successful. Little details, like organized crates. Labor is always under pressure to get the work under budgeted hours.

Best Quality


Alucoworld ACM panels has do a lot of quanlity test. They past all of test they need. Such as wind load test, press test, anti fire test, anti water test and so on.

So, you do not worry about the quality. The ACP we supplied is the best. Of course, our service is the best, too.

Testing Standards

ASTM E283, E330, E331
AAMA 507-508
Wind Load Direction 5106

Easy installation


You will receive the installation instruction book with the acm panels you order. And the book will teach you how to install these panels. I think it will be not difficulty. On the other hand, the installation system is progressive but none sequential. It allow for panels to be installed in any direction and allowing for individual panels to be easily replaced.

We have help thousand customers install the acp panel over the world.

Faster shipper


We own a expert trade document team whom have work on export shipping for more than 20 years. We can promise all the shipping steps will not get mistake as long you take a order from us.

When you really do this , you will be shake by our executive force.  


We are Alucoworld , we are waiting for you. Thanks for your reading.




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