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With the popularity of aluminum composite panels, we can clearly see that: Aluminium composite panel processing performance is very strong and its structural characteristics are clear. It is the leading building materials on the aspect of decorative performance or practicability from the past to now. But many people do not know what the staff needs to pay attention to before the installation of aluminum composite panels. Now let the professional aluminum composite board manufacturers ALUCOWORLD explain briefly. acm panels

1.Distinguish the interior and exterior aluminum composite board

The first thing to understand is whether this aluminum composite panel is applicable for exterior wall decoration or interior wall decoration. In general, alucoworld aluminum composite panels are 4mm thick and 0.25mm thick for exterior wall decoration. Only in this way can the quality of the decoration be guaranteed. Indoor use of indoor special alucoworld aluminum composite panel below 0.25mm can reduce decoration costs.

2.Inspection of accessories

Before the construction, check the horizontal and vertical connectors. In addition, measure and adjust them to reduce the error of aluminum composite panel installation.

3.Installing aluminum composite panel in strict accordance with the instructions.

In order to avoid color difference, we should install acp panels in the same direction as the arrow on the protective film.  The protective film on the plate must be removed in accordance with the date marked on the protective film for the sake of avoiding the aging of the protective film, which will cause it is difficult to remove and affect the aesthetic measure.

4. Outdoor rivet

The structural rivets are to be carried out outdoors. The diameter of the stem should be 5mm, and the diameter of the rivet head should be 11mm to 14mm. When riveting aluminum composite board panels, it is recommended that the panel be fixed in order from the middle to both ends, and considering that the panel will expand and contract when the temperature changes, the aperture above the composite panel should be approximately 1mm larger than the diameter of the rivet to ensure the flatness of the aluminum composite panel;

5.Glue requirements

Rubber operation should not be carried out during rainy days. The silicon germanium weatherproof adhesive should be filled with fullness and should be carried out in an environment with a temperature of 15°C to 30°C and a relative humidity of 50% or more.

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