Alucoworld ▎How to install the aluminum plastic board on the rough wall surface?


As the black horse in the decoration building industry, the aluminum plastic board is attracting more and more attention and use, and the market is heating up, which benefits from the development of the real estate industry and the improvement of people's living standard. acm panels

At the same time, alucoworld indoor aluminum plastic board quickly captured the hearts of many consumers, account for its many strong properties ,such as waterproof , moisture-proof, insect-proof, pressure-resistant, easy to clean, strong decorative features and so on.

we often hear that in the sales process of indoor aluminum plastic board: Aluminum composite plastic board for walls are convenient to install and can be installed directly on walls. The process is simple and time-saving.

Is that true? Let's see if it can be installed directly on the wall.


1.Standard-compliant housing project

If it is a standard housing project, it is completely possible to install aluminum plastic board directly on the blank wall. The wall surface is flat enough to be directly pasted with universal glue, structural glue or nail-free glue. This is the most common situation at present.

If the wall is not flat enough, you need to carry out basic treatment of the wall surface, install the keel, and use dry hanging installation.

2.Basic treatment of wall

Although houses that meet the standards are common, there are also a small number of unqualified walls of houses.In this case, installing aluminum plastic composite panels will not achieve good results.

Therefore, it is necessary to make simple processing on the walls first before installing aluminum plastic boards.

(1)Treatment of non-uniform blank metope:

Since the actual size of the rough house is extremely irregular and there are deviations between the upper and lower walls, the wall will be effectively rehabilitated, and the area will be trimmed with the least place as the bend. The maximum point deviation be 2-3 CM and the fulcrum is paved with the wooden slats. To be consistent up and down, and then on the keel.

(2)There are bumps in the wall:

If the wall bump is too large, which will directly affect the actual installation effect. At this time, the water level meter must be used for leveling, and the woodwork strip should be used as site for the installation.

(3)The protruding wall of the column is filled with wooden keel. You can choose 300mm*300mm spacing between the tessellation grids.



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