Alucoworld ▎Analysis of common quality problems in aluminum composite panel curtain wall engineering.


1.Discoloration of aluminum plastic composite panels

Improper selection of panels is the main reason that causes discoloration of aluminum plastic panels . acm panels

In general, we divided aluminium composite panels into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines the different occasions for which they are applicable. The indoor series board is coated with resin coating on its surface. This coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If you use it in outdoors, it will naturally accelerate the aging process and cause the discoloration. The surface coating of exterior aluminium composite panels is usually coated with fluorocarbon resign, which is anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet. Some construction units deceived the owners nad used the indoor plates to pretend to be anti-aging and anticaustic fluorocarbon with good quality.So they could extract unreasonable profits, thus causing serious discoloration of the acp panels in the project.

2.The tackless and detachment of aluminium composite sheets

What's the main cause of the tackless and detachment of aluminium composite panels? The answer is: improper selection of the adhesive. As an ideal adhesive for outdoor aluminium composite panel engineering, silicone adhesive has unique advantages.

In the past, China’s silicone adhesive mainly relied on imports.In addition, its price had made many people discouraged. Only those expensive curtain wall projects on high-rise buildings dared to use it. At present,China’s Zhengzhou, Guangdong and other places have successively put different brands of silicone adhesive into production, resulting in a sharp drop in prices.

3.Deformation and drumming of the surface of aluminum plastic board

There are many reasons for the deformation and drumming of the surface of the aluminium composite panels. This quality problem had occurred in the construction before, and we thought it was the quality problem of the board itself. However, after a concentrated analysis by many people, they discovered that the main problem lies in the base plate, which the aluminium composite panel is attached to. Secondly, the quality problem of the aluminum- plastic composite panel itself.  Dealers often provide us with the construction process of aluminium composite panels., and the basic materials recommended are mainly high-density board, wood board and so on. In fact, when such materials are used outdoors, their service life is very fragile. After wind, sun and rain, deformation will occur inevitably. Since the base material deformed, then the aluminum composite panel as the surface layer deformed too.

We can see that the ideal outdoor base material should be rust-proofed. And then we form the angle steel and square steel tube into a skeleton. If conditions permit, it is more desirable to use aluminum profiles as the skeleton. The skeleton made of this kind of metal material is not much higher than the wooden keel, and high-density board, which can ensure the quality of the project.

4.Aluminum plastic panel is not glued neatly.

When the aluminum plastic panel is used to decorate the surface of the building, there is generally a gap between the panels. For the sake of aesthetics, it is common to fill the gap with a black sealant. In order to save time, some construction workers do not use paper tape to ensure the tidy and regular glue. They will use the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel as a substitute. Since the protective film have different degrees of tearing when we cut the aluminum-plastic composite panel , it is impossible to make the glue seams neatly when using it as a substitute for protective tape.

Through the analysis of some common quality problems encountered in the process and assembly of the aluminum plastic plate, the measures and methods for solving these problems are put forward, which will surely enable the construction personnel to prevent and control the common quality problems of the aluminum plastic plate during the process and installation of the aluminum plastic plate.


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