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Nowadays, there are more and more aluminum-plastic panel brands in the market, and the quality is different. When we buy aluminum-plastic panels, we hope that the aluminum-plastic panel is low and the quality is good. So how do we buy aluminum plastic panels?acm panels

1.Look at aluminum-plastic panel

When we choose commodity, one of the most commonly used points is to look at it. The same is true for aluminum-plastic panels. The main points are as follows:

a.Leveling: See if the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is smooth and smooth

b. Ripple: See if the surface has ripples

c. Bubbling: See if there is bubbling on the surface of the board

d. Pleasure Point: See if there is a shelter

e. Scratches: Look at the surface for scratches

When looking at this step, be careful and careful to choose a really good aluminum-plastic panel.

2.Measure aluminum-plastic panel

Mainly to measure the size of aluminum-plastic composite panels, to see if these dimensions meet national and international standards, the international standard for aluminum-plastic composite panels is: 3mm for interior wall panels, 4mm or more for exterior wall panels, and the thickness of aluminum must be 0.5mm . Meeting the above requirements is to meet international standards and vice versa. In this point, pay attention to the standards of the measurement tools, as well as the relevant industry standards.

3.Fold a corner of aluminum-plastic panel

The fold here is mainly to look at the hardness of the aluminum-plastic panel. Generally, you can fold a corner of the aluminum-plastic panel to see if it is easy to break. Generally speaking,  good aluminum-plastic panel is not easy to be broken, and the material used PE is generally not easy to break, the panels that  blended with fake materials are also easier to break. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the force, only the force can be seen to see if the aluminum composite panel is good.

4.Burn a corner of acp panels

This principle is based on the material of the aluminum composite panel PE can be completely burned. The specific method is as follows:

(1)Select an aluminum composite panel

(2)Remove the outside, leaving the middle material

(3)Ignitingand burning of the middle material

(4)According to the residual substances after burning, see if it is a good aluminum-plastic panel. A good aluminum-plastic panel with real PE in the middle, it can burn completely. The poor quality aluminum-plastic composite board is doped with other things, and there are impurities after burning.


Planer, is the groove of the aluminum plastic plate bending, when bending, to see if the front surface of the aluminum plastic plate is broken.Be careful when using this shopping technique.


The butanone was used to identify the fluorocarbon coating on the exterior wall panel. The xylene was used to identify the inner wall panel coating. After 5 minutes, the reagent was wiped off to see if it was exposed.


Ask for the manufacturer's quality inspection report, quality assurance certificate, iso-9002 international quality certificate, the manufacturers with these are regular, which can guarantee the quality of products.

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