How many you know about ACM fire protection


ACM fire protection rating?


Hello my friend. Do you know what is the ACM fire protection rating? In fact, the ACM fire protection rating is determined by two indicators. One is the national mandatory standard GB8624 "Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials". The other is GB / T17748 "Aluminum-plastic Composite Plate" national standard requirements.acp panels

fireproof wall panels

The National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center shall inspect and classify the fire performance of fireproof ACP according to GB8624 “Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials”:


Class A: Non-combustible building materials

Class B1: Flame retardant building materials

Class B2: Combustible building materials

Class B3: Flammable building materials



ACM fire protectionACM fire protection material


The fire performance of fireproof ACP has always been the focus of attention. A common core material for fire protection ACP is low density ordinary polyethylene. It produces more smoke in the fire and also prevents the spread of the flame.


In the past, many countries and manufacturers have done a lot of experiments on the fire resistance of low-density polyethylene-aluminum composite sheets. The experimental content includes the burning test of LDPE. The ACM fire protection capability was analyzed by LDPE clamping in the fire test ACP and the fire safety ACP condition.

The results of the low density polyethylene combustion test indicate that the polyethylene can be ignited in an open flame of 341 ("ASTMD1929" and "DIN54836"). Polyethylene can be self-ignited at an auto-ignition temperature of 349 ° C (ASTMD 1929 and DIN 54836). Polyethylene can only be ignited or self-ignited when it reaches the above temperature and contains a large amount of oxygen (ie air).


For safety reasons, many countries have limited the use of common core materials. In most cases, we recommend the use of non-flammable core materials in high-rise buildings.



ACM fire protection in China


In China, the state has put forward requirements for fire safety performance. Especially in some crowded public places such as airports, stations, stadiums, cinemas, high-end entertainment venues and high-rise buildings. It requires that the selected decorative material must meet fire protection requirements. Aluminum composite panels are a new type of decorative material that is widely used. Its fire performance is very important.


At present, most of China's ACM fire protection rating is B1.


ACM fire protection mainly refers to the flame retardancy of polyethylene plastic core sheets. Most plastic products are flammable due to their unique chemical structure. However, according to fire regulations and the burning mechanism of polyethylene. A safe and effective flame retardant was developed which can meet the technical requirements of the B1 level of combustion performance required by the state on the premise of ensuring the performance of fireproof ACP technology.


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