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Nowadays, ACM panels have been widely used around the world. Do you want to know the use condition of the ACM panels in the world? Alucoworld's professional team have do some reseach. And now, we will tell you.acp panels


In the 1960s, ACM panels were developed in Europe. It has a more than 30 years history. With the continuous improvement and improvement of the performance of ACM panels. ACM panels products have emerged in the transportation industry, the construction industry and certain special industries. Now, ACM play an essential role in the world.

ACM panels

In the construction industry, ACM panels are characterized by light weight per unit area and are easy to process and install. Therefore, ACM  products are widely used in the construction industry. Whether it's building interiors or exteriors, low-rise buildings or high-rise buildings, ACM panels stand out for their excellent character.


At the same time, there is a set of operating specifications in the application process of ACM panels abroad. It is very strict and is a certified operating specification. Especially when the product is applied to a building, its product certification and use unit must strictly abide by relevant regulations. Because of the strict certification system. Therefore, in the past three decades, the application of foreign ACM , especially in Europe, has been moving forward.

ACM panels


But for now, everyone focuses on environmental protection, Closely related to life decoration is no exception. ACM panels are coming on the market in an era when people are appealing to environmental protection.


With the increasing sound of environmental protection, some products of poor quality are inevitably eliminated. It is because of this quality that businesses are retained. They are paying more attention to production. With the upgrading of industry competition, ACM panels manufacturers are bound to attach more importance to product quality. Only in this way can I enter the forefront and become the leading player of ACM panels industry.

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