Wide Application of Brushed aluminum signs

brushed aluminum signs

Aluminum is everywhere in our lives. Aluminum cutlery, shelves and traffic signs on the road are made of aluminum. Of course, there are countless uses for aluminum, and many industries use it for science and technology.

Even for space flights that we usually don't touch, even precision instruments and weapons will use aluminum. Therefore, for brushed aluminum signs, we can imagine that it must not be ordinary aluminum. We all know from the name that it must be a specially treated aluminum plate, so its use must be very special. What are the characteristics or advantages of brushed aluminum signs?acp panels

1, Metal texture, when used for decoration, shows the grade of the product, which is more atmospheric and environmentally friendly than the surface covered by paint.
2, No paint on the surface, fireproof, non-toxic gas, non-combustion at high temperature. Meet fire and environmental requirements.


3, Excellent plasticity, easy to bend, easy to process directly, does not require complicated surface treatment, short manufacturing cycle and low cost of molded Brushed aluminum signsproducts, so it is widely used for decoration.


4, Anti-oxidation, long-term use will not change color, will not rust. Thickened brushed aluminum signs can be exposed to strong light for a long time without discoloration. Standard thickness is suitable for indoor use. Thickening is mainly used outdoors.

5, Easy to clean. When the surface is soiled, it can be cleaned directly without leaving any spots

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