ACM panels with different materials


With the continuous development of technology and economy, and the rise of commerce and construction industry, the competition between industries is becoming more and more fierce. People are increasingly beginning to realize that service quality greatly affects their competitiveness. Satisfaction with customers including their own buildings is also one of the most important considerations. Therefore, it is necessary to find a building material that looks like a high-end atmosphere and does not cost too much money to decorate.

ACM panels, which are a kind of composite panels, are made of plastic as the core and then covered with aluminum on both sides of the building material, also known as ACP (ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANEL) or Sandwich board. Because the composite panels perfect combination of the advantages of metal materials and non-metal materials, they can not only have a bright and beautiful appearance of metal materials, but also very light weight, and ACM panels have a variety of ACM materials to adapt to all kinds of environments. The most important thing is that their prices are very cheap compared to those of conventional metal materials, so ACM panels have become the most popular building materials.


ACM panels ACM panels are so popular, not only because of its material High strength, low weight and low price, but also because it has a wide variety of ACM materials to choose from. Now, Let's take a look at the different materials that ACM panels have. Or, I mean let's take a look at the classification of ACM materials.

1 . ACM panels classified by surface decoration effect

a. Coating decoration ACM materials

ACM materialsA variety of decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminum sheet. PVDF Coating and PE Coating are commonly used, mainly including metallic, plain, pearlescent, fluorescent, etc., which have decorative effects and are the most common varieties on the market.

b. Oxidative coloring ACM materials

ACM materials

The anodized and timely treatment of the aluminum alloy panel has a unique color such as rose red and bronze, which has a special decorative effect.

c. Film decoration ACM materials

ACM materials

That is, the colored film is applied to the primed aluminum plate or directly to the degreased aluminum plate according to the set process conditions and the action of the adhesive. The main varieties are marble finish, wood finish and so on.

d. Color printing ACM materials

ACM materials

Different patterns are printed on the transfer paper by advanced computer photo-printing technology, and various imitation natural patterns are printed on the aluminum-plastic board through thermal transfer technology. They can meet the designer's creativity and the owner's personalized choice.

e. Brushed surface ACM materials

ACM materials

The aluminum composites panel with brushed surface is common with gold brushed and silver brushed products, which brings different visual enjoyment.

f. Mirror ACM materials


ACM materials

The surface of the aluminum composite panel is polished to look like a mirror.

2. ACM panels are classified by usage

a. Bendable ACM materials

ACM materials

The built-in plastic core of this aluminum composite panel is processed and has high toughness, also known as clinker aluminum composite panel. Generally used in the decoration of arched or cylindrical objects. Clinker aluminum composite panels generally have a high price.

b. Non-bendable ACM materials

ACM materials

They are also called raw aluminum composite panels. The aluminum-plastic composite plastic core material can be broken and is particularly brittle, and can generally only be used on a flat surface. Raw material aluminum composite panels are low in price.

3. ACM panels classified by product function


ACM materials

a.  Fireproof ACM materials


The fireproof board is made of flame-retardant core material, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the flame-retardant grade (B1 grade) or the non-combustible grade (A grade); at the same time, other performance indexes must also meet the technical specifications of the aluminum-plastic composite panel.

b. Antibacterial and mildewproof ACM materials


The antibacterial and mildewproof aluminum composite board coats the antibacterial and bactericidal coating on the composite panels, so as to control the microbial activity and finally kill the bacteria.

c. Antistatic ACM materials


The antistatic aluminum composite panels are coated with an anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is much smaller than that of the ordinary aluminum-plastic board. Therefore, static electricity is not easily generated, and dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface.

4. ACM panels classified by purpose

a. For building facades ACM materials

ACM materials

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates of the aluminum composite panels for building curtain wall are not less than 0.50 mm, and the total thickness are not less than 4 mm. The material of aluminum should meet the requirements of GB/T3880. Generally, aluminum alloy sheets of 3000, 5000 series should be used. The coating should be PVDF Coating.

b. For exterior wall decoration and advertising ACM materials

advertising ACM materials

The aluminum composite panels for exterior wall decoration and advertising are made of rust-proof aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm from the upper and lower aluminum plates, and the total thickness should be not less than 4mm. The coating is generally PVDF Coating or PE Coating.

c. For indoor use ACM materials

ACM materials

The aluminum composite panels for indoor use is an aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.20 mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10 mm from the upper and lower aluminum plates, and the total thickness is generally 3 mm. The coating is made of PE Coating.

5. ACM panels classified by Suppliers

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ACM materials

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