The ACM Panel Produced By Professional ACM Company


1. Conventional solid color ACM panel


Usually ACM Company can produce a variety of conventional solid color ACM panels including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors. These conventional ACM panels are without cladding. But nevertheless, we need to know that all ACM panels require a layer of PE or HDPE as the coating. Usually we think that HDPE coating is better than PE coating. But we can't generalize, choose ACM panel as the building or decoration material, we are pursuing the most cost-effective materials. HDPE coating is more adaptable to the environment than PE, and has strong UV and corrosion resistance, but at the same time the price is more expensive. Therefore, we usually use HDPE coating ACM panel in the face of UV or poor weather conditions. When we only use ACM panels as interior decoration materials or when the environment is mild, people are more willing to use PE coating ACM panel to decorate.

acm panel

In addition, the conventional solid color ACM Panel has different surface treatments, I means that its surface can handle glossy or matte surfaces. The glossy ACM panel makes it easier to reflect light, and its color will be more vivid in a place full of light. The matte ACM panel, which uses the principle of diffuse reflection, makes the surface of the ACM panel not so bright. There is no good or bad difference between the two types of surface treatment, and different people like the surface treatment in different ways.

acm panel

glossy and matte

2. Mirror ACM panel

The Mirror ACM panel is made with a special ACM cladding. Whether ACM Company can produce mirror ACM panels is one of the important criteria for judging whether this company is a qualified ACM panel company. In general, our common Mirror ACM panel has a gold mirror and a silver mirror. These Mirror ACM panels not only say that the surface feels as smooth as the mirror surface, this Mirror ACM panel can really achieve the same effect as the mirror, you can see exactly the same person as you appear in this ACM panel, and no broken. One of the biggest advantages of mirror panels is that they are environmentally friendly and give us the advantage of enjoying the mirror style and the outstanding features that make us trust the product.

acm panel

Mirror ACM panel

3.Metal coated ACM panel

We all know that ACM panel is called aluminum-plastic panel because the aluminum metal is applied to the surface. So you will feel strange what the Metal coated ACM panel means? In fact, the Metal coated ACM panel means that you need to apply a layer of ACM cladding such as zinc or copper to the aluminum laminate. So through this ACM cladding ACM panel will show the color of other metals on the surface, such ACM cladding shows the flexibility and diversity of ACM panel materials. Not only that, generally speaking, after completing the Metal ACM cladding, we will do other special treatments on its metal surface, such as Brush cladding.


a. Brush ACM cladding

The intrinsic feature of brushed panels is the fact that it uses two kinds of brushed finished which makes the surface of the aluminum sheets flatter and smoother. The two brushed finishes are typically known as gold and silver brushed coatings. The function of the brushed coating is quite important as it gives excellent characteristics.

Mirror ACM panel

b.Nano ACM cladding

The nano ACM panel has the advantages of the conventional fluorocarbon aluminum composite board, such as peeling resistance, corrosion resistance, and fading resistance. However, due to the high-tech nano-coating technology, it is superior to traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels in many aspects, such as stain resistance, self-cleaning, acid and alkali resistance.

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Wooden ACM panel and marble ACM panel


The surface effect of wood grain aluminum composite panels and marble ACM panels is made by mimicking wood grain texture and marble grain, which is more realistic and textured.


These special ACM claddings use internationally advanced new decorative materials. The pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, the texture is bright, the color is bright, the pattern is firm and wear-resistant, and it does not contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Non-toxic is good for the environment, so you don't have to worry about the smell and damage to the body after decorating the paint and glue.

acm panel

The wood grain aluminum-plastic composite board is used for the closet of the wardrobe cabinet, the texture is clear, and the high-gloss matte wood grain effect can be customized, which is very popular among customers.


Marble granite acp products are more suitable to the modern tall building, can be seen everywhere around the city.

acm panel

acm material
Upholding the principle of “Quality is the Life Core of an Enterprise”, Alucoworld acm material has also obtained various quality inspection certificates issued by authoritative quality inspection institutions at home and abroad, including: performance standards of ASTM aluminum-plastic composite panels by SGS international authoritative testing institutions, ROHS testing, etc.

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