What do you need to know about the Dibond panel


What is dibond panel?


dibond panelWhat is a dibond panel, when asked this question, you may receive a variety of answers, but all of these answers are may not the correct answer. The dibond panel is the term for the aluminum-plastic composite panel in the printing industry. Simply put, it is a very strong but very lightweight material for dibond sign.


But for this question, this is a fairly shallow answer, you can't know its specific structure or the meaning of this material. But the first thing to understand is that although these materials are collectively referred to as ‘dibond panel’, this is just the trade name of the product, not the name of the actual material. The actual material name is 'aluminum composite board' or 'sandwich board'.


The dibond panel is one name of aluminum-plastic composite panels. The advertising and brushing industry prefers to call it so that the dibond panel is usually used as a sign board material. Dibond sign cut plastic material is light and sturdy, soft. The polyethylene core consists of a thin aluminum plate on each side and a high-quality finish to ensure perfect printing. In addition, the dibond panel is very weather resistant, has high UV resistance and excellent stability over a range of temperatures. The dibond panel is the perfect metal substitute, and the dibond panel offers the same metal surface, but without the risk of weight or some metal rust.


What is the use of dibond panel?


The dibond panel features its unique metallic surface features and lightweight plastics. It is widely used as a sign board material. Like most cut plastic films, dibond panels are easy to use. It can be drilled, riveted, screwed or nailed to almost any surface because it won't rust or rupture, so dibond sign is ideal for long-term and short-term advertising displays.


dibond panelAs a kind of sign board material, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, the dibond panel is undoubtedly the best choice. To create a stylish, streamlined industrial look, Dibond is sometimes used indoors to customize indoor commercial designs or to complete a signature look. However, Dibond is known for its outdoor applications and resistance to a variety of outdoor environmental factors. It will maintain its shape and integrity without being affected by weather fluctuations.


dibond signIn fact, Dibond is a favorite of signage professionals. One of its greatest qualities is that you can have two different types of surfaces (matte and gloss) on both sides of a board; better yet, both Can be printed directly, the results will not be different. So if you are still looking for a good material for your sign board material, I think the dibond panel can be one of the priority materials.


What are the specifications for the dibond panel?


Usually, the size of the dibond panel is 3mm, and the thickness of aluminum is 0.3mm, but it is not limited to such a size, which can be customized according to the specific requirements of the buyer. The rectangular and flat dibond panel is the most well-known shape, but the dibond panel can also be customized to a circular shape, or other curved shape, and even it can be customized into a curved sign board material.

ACM panels What color is the dibond panel?


Use dibond panel When we use the sign board material, we usually use solid color to print the LOGO, text and image we need. Our dibond panels come in a variety of solid colors such as white, black, yellow, red, blue, green and so on. There are also some special colors: brushed finish gold & silver and also mirror gold & mirror silver. In addition, we also have dibond panels with wooden finish and marble finish. Of course, in addition, if you have other special colors that you request, we can also customize it for you.

 dibond panel

What are the advantages of the dibond panel?


The dibond panel is a composite of the inner plastic core and the surface of the aluminum film. In fact, the two compliment each other rather nicely. dibond panel perfectly combines the advantages of two completely different materials. The symbiosis of these two materials actually provides the dibond panel with many properties that the two materials do not have, which proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; but what are the characteristics of these composite sheets?


  1. High strength / low weight
  2. Broad range of available colours
  3. Wide workable temperature range
  4. Non-corrosive
  5. Food-safe
  6. 100% recyclable
  7. Fully machinable
  8. Impressive damage resistance
  9. Can be printed on to directly
  10. Available with matte, glossy or mirrored finish
  11. Weatherproof

The list goes on.


dibond panelAs you can see its properties are numerous, so it is probably little surprise to find out that it is suitable for a lot of purposes; and that to list them all would be time consuming and would quickly become tedious. However, to list none would be a shame, especially as it does excel at so much.



What is the price of the dibond panel?


dibond panelAs we all know, the cost of metal materials is very expensive, but the dibond panel solves this problem very well. The price of dibond panel is much lower than the cost of metal materials, but due to its perfect surface treatment, he has the property of metal materials,and very light. We believe that the dibond panel is of high quality and performance, and the price is very reasonable.


Where can I buy a dibond panel?


ALUCOWORDL is a professional dibond panel manufacturer in China. The company's products have passed the REACH86 test, Beijing Hyde International Certification Co., Ltd., SGS authority and other certification. Compared with its peers, Alucoworld always provides high quality aluminum composite panels for every customer at the most affordable price.

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Upholding the principle of “Quality is the Life Core of an Enterprise”, Alucoworld acm material has also obtained various quality inspection certificates issued by authoritative quality inspection institutions at home and abroad, including: performance standards of ASTM aluminum-plastic composite panels by SGS international authoritative testing institutions, ROHS testing, etc.

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