Why Using Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Is So Necessary?


Aluminum Composite Panels (also known as Alucobond panels) are the most popular cladding material used nowadays for the building exteriors. The exquisite characteristics and performance of ACP panels make it an ideal material for safe construction. Take the UAE as an example, about 500 (70%) of the existing high-rise buildings have used aluminum composite panels according to statistics.

Of course, aluminum composite panels are not perfect. All along, its fire performance has been focused on. So, how to judge and choose fireproof ACP panels?

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Clarify The Fire Rating

There are different fire ratings of fireproof aluminum composite panels. According to Chinese standards, it can be divided into four categories:

Class A: Non-combustible building materials
Class B1: Flame retardant building materials
Class B2: Combustible building materials
Class B3: Flammable building materials

Although each country has its own standards, qualified fireproof materials must have corresponding certificates. B1 and A2 are the most common fireproof ratings on the market. Choosing the right rating of fireproof aluminum composite panel is basic, which can limit the damage to human life and structure.


Distinguish The Authenticity

Aluminum is a type of non-combustible material. Fireproof aluminum composite panels will also use non-combustible polyethylene core.

The fireproof core materials are usually white, but some suppliers use white plastic cores to fake fireproof aluminum composite panels to save money, and do not have any fire protection features.

Event of fire, these fake fire aluminum composite panels will be useless. Please be sure to distinguish the authenticity. The low-priced fireproof aluminum composite panels usually have certain problems.

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Test ACP Panel Yourself

The easiest way is to use fire, but this will leave a mark. When you sure that the fire-rated certificate provided by the manufacturer is true and valid, you can try to take some mild measures to assist in the verification, like the impact resistance and boil resistance test. The purpose is mainly to test the stability of alucobond panel after high temperature.

Don’t worry, Alucoworld prepare a test video for your reference.

For various reasons, buildings are always at risk of fire. Qualified fire aluminum composite panels can become a barrier when a fire occurs. This can be utilized to save lives and property, so be sure to choose a reliable supplier.


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