Should I Shipping My Goods From China by FCL or LCL Shipment?


It’s a common question: Should I ship my goods from China by FCL or LCL shipment? Which is the one for you? Today, we’re comparing the two so that you can identify which process will be most efficient for you and your business.

FCL & LCL Shipment

Difference Between FCL and LCL Shipment

FCL (full container load) shipment is when you pay for the use of an entire container instead of paying to use part of it.

LCL (less than container load) shipment is a method that consolidates multiple shipments into one shared container.

Choosing FCL or LCL usually depends on the quantity and size of the products you want to import.

When you import a small amount of products, LCL is more suitable. When you import a huge amount of products, FCL is more suitable.


Delivery and Security

FCL shipment is loaded into an entire container, which is sealed; and the container has been delivered to you, still sealed. This makes it a lot less likely for goods to be damaged during transportation.

LCL shipment is handled on a few more occasions. The goods are loaded onto a vehicle at the factory, unloaded into a warehouse by the port and loaded into a shared container.  When they land in the destination port, they are unloaded from the container and loaded onto a truck before they are delivered to you to unload.

FCL’s security is better than LCL. There is a lower risk of damage, theft, or loss since it experiences far less handling than goods shipped via LCL.

FCL, compared to LCL, takes a much shorter time, since the entire container is being delivered directly to you.

Delivery and Safety

Specific Cost

You pay a flat fee for the use of the entire container when you choose FCL shipment. Usually LCL shipment appears to be cheaper because you only pay for the volume you’re using in the container.

Alucoworld strongly recommend you ship the goods by FCL. Because FCL shipment only charges the freight cost and a few destination fees, but LCL shipment, although the shipping costs are cheap, but it usually occurs very high destination fees when goods arrives, you will find that you spend more to ship by LCL!

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