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1.The history of Alucobond panels

Alucobond Panels appeared in the 1960s. At that time, in order to meet the requirements of the transportation industry for ultra-lightweight materials, super-strength, and improve surface roughness, color uniformity, and molding properties,German technicians invented the aluminum-plastic composite panel by using the mechanics of the I-beam in steel. It began mass production in 1969.

After more than 30 years of development, product manufacturing, installation, maintenance, etc. have gradually matured, forming two major production processes: one is a cold composite process, and the other is a thermal composite process.

The hot composite process is high in peeling strength, and it is not easy to cause aluminum-plastic separation, it also has characteristics of flatness, long life and green environmental protection. Therefore, the hot composite process has become a more advanced technology and is the development trend of the aluminum plastic panel industry.

Up to now, Alucobond has developed from the first production base in Germany to the production bases in the United States, China,India, etc. This is also enough to prove that the aluminum plate conforms to the requirements of The Times, and occupies a pivotal position in the modern building materials.

Because of the first aluminum composite panel was named "Alucobond",in most countries, Alucobond also represents aluminum composite panel.

    2.The introduction of alucobond manufacturter Alucoworld.

    Taizhou Kingertai Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in alucobond panels in China. We are located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, 150km away from Shanghai. With over ten years' efforts, our company has gained great development in producing aluminum composite sheet.
    Kingertai has a complete strict quality assurance system, having passed ISO 9001 and ISO 2001 certifications successfully as well. 

    Kingertai’s main products include PE and PVDF coated aluminum composite panels, fire resistantself-cleaning nano coated, mirror finishbrushedwooden grain & granite grain aluminum composite panels and signboard aluminum composite panels for advertising usage, in addition, we are also able to produce 2m width aluminum composite.

    Besides mainly producing ACP, we can also offer all accessories for ACP installation. Our annual output is more than 5 million square meters.

    With the aim of building a beautiful and colorful world, ALUCOWORLD will always strive to make all of you satisfied, and will always make you believe "One World, One Alucoworld".

      3.Features of Alucoworld alucobond panel

      (1)High strength, easy to maintain, strong weathering and acid resistance;
      (2)Simple processing, easy to use;
      (3)Has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, excellent fire resistance;
      (4)Strong plasticity, impact resistance, strong shock resistance;
      (5) Light and strong, can effectively reduce the construction load;
      (6) Smooth, bright colors, good decoration effect;
      (7) Environmental protection, no pollution, no release of toxic and harmful gases;
      (8) Alucoworld alucobond follows the trend of The Times, is brave to innovate and develops new products continuously. Moreover, the newly developed laser aluminum panel,which is one of the home decoration materials, emits dazzling light.

      4.The thickness and size of alucobond panel

      (1) Total thickness of alucobond panel

      The total thickness of the aluminum-plastic panel is 2--6mm, and the thickness of the aluminum-plastic panel of the curtain wall is less than 4mm. Generally, the thickness of

      (2) Alucobond panel sizes

      The standard size is 1220*2440mm, width is 1000--2000mm, length is 1000--6000mm, and special specifications are negotiated.

      5.Applicable scope of Alucoworld alucobond panels.

      (1)External walls and curtain walls of the building.
      (2) Exterior wall modification and renovation of the old building.
      (3) Interior decoration of buildings and homes, such as: ceilings, partitions, various cabinets, bar tables, video walls, door and window jackets, and skirtings.
      (4)All kinds of Kanban, billboards, sign boards,  publicity boards.
      (5) Industrial materials, trains, ships, insulated van bodies.
      (6)Used for decoration in places with high humidity (bathroom inner wall).

      6. Project cases of Alucoworld alucobond panels.

      Domestic cases.
      Alucoworld aluminum plastic board has won the use and appreciation of large and medium-sized projects, such as National Olympic Project Telephone Booth, Bus Booth, Beijing Olympic Sports Center, National Building Material Testing Center, China Military Commission Office Building, Shandong Architectural Design Institute, Jinan Cyberport (China Aluminum Composite Panel Quality Demonstration Project), Jinan Airport, Nanchang Cigarette Factory, Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Anhui Industrial and Commercial Bank System and so on.
      Abroad projects
      The company's products are also exported to asean, South Asia, central Asia, South Africa, eastern Europe and Russia, Argentina, Japan, India, Singapore and other regions and countries. It has established a good image because of its use in many large foreign projects such as the building of Russia’s Vladivostok Administrative Center, Kazakhstan's Prime Minister's Office, the UAE Department Store, the Singapore Post and Telecommunications Building, and the Azerbaijan International Airport.
      ALUCOWORLD has enjoyed a good reputation because of our good quality for more than 10 years. Putting our promise 100% into practice is always our principle. We do what we have promised, and try to be the best.

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      Every piece of alucoworld alucobond panel is strictly controlled in every process. We aim to produce all series of  aluminum plastic panel with excellent performance for every customer.

      We promise that your information will only be used for quotation, it will not be disclosed and is safe. Leave your message here or mail to [email protected], we will send the latest price list and arrange free sample for you !

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