Development direction of Aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China


For the healthy and sustainable development of aluminum-plastic composite panel manufacturers, we must adhere to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as the guide, and do the following aspects in a down-to-earth manner.

1.The product quality is always the first place.

It is necessary to improve the quality of products. The quality of products is the life of aluminum-plastic composite board manufacturers, and also the basis of the development of the industry. 

We must avoid the tendency to focus only on production and not on quality, and work hard to improve product quality. The revision of the national standards for plastic panels, the promotion of new standards, and the quality awareness of the entire aluminum-plastic composite panel manufacturers.

Guiding and helping the company, strictly organize production according to standards. It is necessary to assist product quality supervision departments, quality inspection departments and industrial and commercial departments to do product quality supervision and regulate the market.

2.Aluminum-plastic composite panel production should be closely integrated with market demand

The main application of aluminum plastic composite panels is to be used as decoration for building curtain walls and interior and exterior walls of buildings. Therefore, the development of aluminum-plastic composite panels should be based on the needs of the construction industry and the architectural decoration industry, and should be closely integrated with the construction industry and the architectural decoration industry.

Take the road of common development and common prosperity. The production of aluminum-plastic composite panels can not only stay in the production of qualified products, but also research on application technology, processing and construction technology.

It is necessary to formulate specifications for the construction of aluminum-plastic composite panel curtain wall as soon as possible. It is necessary to strengthen exchanges with brother associations such as the Building Decoration Association and the Interior Decoration Association.

It is necessary to strengthen the connection with the design and construction unit, publicize the aluminum-plastic composite panel, make the user understand the aluminum-plastic composite panel, and at the same time understand the user's demand for the aluminum-plastic composite panel to produce the higher-quality aluminum-plastic composite panel. To develop new aluminum-plastic panel products according to the needs of the market.

3.Actively play the role of industry associations.

Due to the reform of government institutions and the transformation of functions, the direct management of production enterprises will be greatly reduced in the future, and the direction of enterprise development and market will also be guided through industry cooperation. Therefore, with the deepening of market economy reform, the role of industry associations It will also expand.

4.Actively carry out technological innovation activities

Actively carrying out technological innovation activities and promoting technological advancement in the industry is the foundation of the development of the industry. Only when technology continues to innovate and progress continuously can the industry continue to prosper. As a new type of decoration material, aluminum-plastic composite board, as an organic-inorganic composite material, has many excellent properties, but it still needs to be continuously developed and improved, because the market and demand are not static, and the technology is constantly improving.

Scientific research work and technological innovation activities can be carried out from a variety of perspectives, and there are many problems to be studied, such as improving material properties, increasing product varieties, reducing production costs, environmental protection, energy saving, resources, processing and construction techniques, and opening up new application fields.


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