What is PVDF Coating on Aluminum?


As we all know, aluminum composite panels are more and more widely used as lightweight and sturdy building material. Different finishes provide different characteristics to meet various needs. PVDF coating of uniform and excellent quality has a metallic luster, bright color and strong three-dimensional sense. (Others please check Alucoworld Coating Type)

Alucoworld PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel Project Sample

The Advantages & Characteristics of PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

The most frequently asked question: what are the advantages of PVDF ACP?Mainly includes:

  • High Mechanical Strength & Toughness
  • Anti-Fungus & Super Peel Strength
  • Both Rigid & Flexible
  • Low & High Temperature Resistance
  • Superior Weathering Resistance
  • Light Weight & Easy For Process
  • Excellent Fire- Resistance Property
  • Coating Evenness & Diversified Colors
  • Easy For Maintenance & Impact Resistance
  • Quickly Installed & Excellent Self-Cleaning Character

Alucoworld PVDF ACP Sheets Project Sample in Argentine

Compare to PE Aluminum Composite Panel

PE coating ACP or PVDF coating ACP, many beginners are difficult to choose.

Generally speaking, PE ACP is a new type of green composite material made of polymer film made by DuPont of the United States by hot pressing and laminating two-layer aluminum plate and non-toxic low-density polyethylene (LDPE).PE ACP is suitable for Glossy Color Aluminum Composite Panel and mainly used for interior decoration & advertisement board.

PVDF ACP possesses high quality, high mechanical strength and toughness. They are also light weight and show extreme rigidity, super peel strength; low and high temperature resistance; excellent surface flatness and smoothness. PVDF ACP is suitable for Matt Color Aluminum Composite Panel, Wood Aluminum Composite Panel, Stone Color Aluminum Composite Panel and mainly used for exterior decoration.

Now there is a simple formula: if you are decorating the exterior wall, please choose PVDF ACP.

If you are using it on the interior wall or advertising board, please choose PE ACP.

PVDF ACP Panel is Major for Exterior Decoration

Applications for PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

As mentioned above, PVDF ACP is mainly used for exterior decoration. Due to its stable chemical properties and good adhesion effects, PVDF ACP has excellent anti-fading, anti-frosting and anti-air pollution (acid rain, etc.). PVDF aluminum composite panel is ideal to be used for office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, airports, hotels, bus stations, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and residential buildings.

Office Building made of Aluminum Composite Panel

Thickness of PVDF aluminum composite panels

Similar to Alucoworld other products, PVDF ACP is available in various thickness depending on your expected reason or utilization of the panels.

As a rule, PVDF ACP is fairly thicker than the ordinary ACP because of another layer in its structure.That’s why PVDF ACP is adaptable, helpful and has various evaluations of solidarity and sturdiness.

For specific product parameters, please check PVDF ACP.

Aluminum Skin Thickness:0.12mm-0.50mm
Total Panel Thickness:2mm-6mm
Width:1000mm, 1220mm (regular), 1250mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 1575mm, 2000mm (maximum)
Length:Up to 5800mm
Standard Size:1220mm (width)×2440mm (length)
Production Capability:250000sqm / month

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