One Container ACP, One Free Ipad—Alucoworld Limited-Time Promotion!


Trust us. You don’t want to miss out on unforgettable, award-winning, and affordable Alucoworld June Promotion.

Alucoworld ACP Sheet Price Promotion

Based on our before promotion activities, our customers like Apple series products best.

So Alucoworld carry out the following activity in June:

Anyone who buy one container ACP sheets, one Ipad as gift.

Two containers ACP sheets, two Ipads as gift.

Three containers ACP sheets, three Ipads as gift….

No cap on the top.

The activity lasts from June 15th to July 15th.

You buy ACP sheets, Alucoworld present you Ipad; you buy 10, Alucoworld present you 10 Ipads!

We suggest you to complete all your ACP sheet orders in this month, and then you can get the maximum number of Ipads!

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