Product Application about acm panels


PVDF acm panels led the market in 2018 accounting for a share of over 34.4% owing to a wide range of applications including lightweight construction, high-speed trains, and advertisement boards. In addition, their features, such as corrosion and wear resisstance and durability, are expected to benefit the segment growth. PE panels are also among the majorly used products owing to properties, such as extreme rigidity, surface flatness, smoothness, and thermal as well as acoustical insulation. It is expected to register notable growth in the future due to benefits, such as easy fabrication and processing.


Laminating coating Acm panels are manufactured through multi-layer extrusion lamination and primarily used for lamination applications in construction industry. This segment is projected to witness a CAGR of 5.9% on account of properties offered by the product, such as longevity, durability, high tolerance, and easy installation, thereby positively impacting the market growth.


The use of oxide film in the production of Acm panels provides several advantages, such as fire protection and UV, corrosion and acid resistance. These properties are crucial in construction and automotive industries. Thus, this is also estimated to boost the market development.


Construction application is expected to register the highest CAGR of 7.2% during acm panelsthe forecast years. In addition, eco-friendly charachteristics offered by the product is expected to increase its demand in green buildings, thereby propeling the market growth. Benefits, such as thermal & acoustic insulation and corrosion resistance offered by the product are also expected to fuel their demand in modern construction industry. In addition, rising product use in decorative and cladding applications to meet transition energy and building standards is likely to augment the segment growth product over the next few years.


Rapidly expanding advertising, marketing and mass media industry worldwide has resulted in increased expenditure on the advertising boards worldwide. Acm panels are broadly used for these boards as they are subjected to extreme environmental conditions, such as humidity, moisture, and temperature fluctuations and pollution. The railway application segment is also projected to witness a considerable growth. Moreover, these composites help reduce the overall weight of trains resulting improved speed and reduced power consumption.


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