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Brushed aluminum panel is a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum panels out of lines with sandpaper. The process is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill, and washing.

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Brushed aluminum plate is a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping the aluminum panel out of the line with sandpaper. The process is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill and water washing.

Production process of brushed aluminum panel

In the aluminum sheet drawing process, the special coating technology after anodizing can make a coating layer containing the metal component on the surface of the it, clearly showing each fine silk mark, so that fine hair appears in the metal matte. Silky sheen. More and more aluminum panel products use the metal wire drawing process for the metal shell to play the role of beauty and corrosion resistance.

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Products combine both fashion and technology. This is one of the reasons why the process is so popular.

During the processing of the aluminum plate under pressure, the aluminum plate is forced through the mold under the action of external force, the cross-sectional area of ​​the metal is compressed, and the technical processing method to obtain the required cross-sectional area shape and size is called the aluminum plate drawing process. The tool that changes the shape and size of an aluminum plate is called a drawing die.

Brushed aluminum panel application range

Brushed aluminum plate is widely used in brushed aluminum-plastic plate, fire-proof panel, aluminum frame, boutique cabinets, boutique doors and windows, veneer panels, signs, lighting, interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields.

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